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Case Study: How Brisk Transport Digitally Transformed Their Business

With over 30 years of industry experience, Brisk Transport is Brisbane’s leading furniture removal company specialising in moves in and around Brisbane and moves to and from Melbourne. With a huge fleet of 15 Pantech trucks and 7 container trucks, they are equipped to accomplish a move of any size with ease.

The challenge

Consolidate all their sales, marketing and opertaional data into one easy-to-use-platfrom.


Brisk Transport contacted us to analyse their existing data management systems and implement a more efficient and automated CRM system.

They needed a platform to consolidate and manage customer data, potential leads, and their service operations. It was critical to Brisk they have their sales, markeitng, and operations teams all on the same page.

Expanding their digital marketing effort, increasing sales, and creating customer loyalty was also a high priority.

It was important to Brisk Transport to work with a CRM specialist who could analyse, consult, design, implement, and provide systems training.

The solution

Implement CRM, automate their manual workflows, and deliver consistent digital marketing.


After evaluating Brisk Transport's needs, we created a framework to improve sales, deliver digital marketing, and manage operational data and workflows.

We provided the following services:

  • Implement Zoho One CRM
  • Integrated the Arrivy job scheduling platform
  • Automated customer feedback surveys
  • Implemented a digital and social media marketing system
  • Automated manual business workflows
  • Integrated all aggregated leads into their CRM system

The results

Structured data management, real-time data insights, efficient business workflows, and scalability for growth.


Brisk now enjoys easy access to customer data, job scheduling information, accurate reporting, and a structured way to handle business leads and deals.

Focused customer engagement is giving them steady streams of highly qualified leads which has increased 120% since implementation. This has led to an increase in sales by 33% annually.

Our CRM implementation and consulting services have given them the ability to monitor customer interactions across all digital channels.

The platform was built with scalability in mind, so it can grow to meet future needs.