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Delivering illuminating Insights

What do successful, thriving businesses have that struggling ones don't?

It all comes down to knowledge about their customers—who they are, what they want, and what they're willing to do (or pay) to get it.

Thriving companies understand the importance of diligent, methodical market research, and they realise that in many cases, it just makes good business sense to partner with a qualified expert.


Brand Research & Consulting

Brands carry a lot of weight in the modern commerce world. Today's busy consumers have less time to invest in the shopping process, which means trust and recognition of a certain product or service is often the key driver of a purchasing decision.

Building a new brand

Whether you're launching a new product or service or have been tasked with overhauling an existing brand, we'll help you learn as much as possible about your target consumers, your competitors, and the ideal market position for your business.

This will give you the tools you need to develop a winning brand strategy.

Managing your brand

A brand is a living, breathing entity. Once you've defined it, you'll need to give it the proper care and attention to help it thrive.

We'll perform ongoing branding research to identify where you're excelling, what areas are in need of improvement, how consumers perceive your brand, and how you measure up to your competitors

Breathing new life into a brand

Has the strength of your brand weakened over time? Is it struggling to stay afloat in a sea of emerging competitors? It may be time for an overhaul.

You don't necessarily have to abandon your brand and start from scratch—with the right insight and guidance, you can understand where its weaknesses lie and turn them into profit-boosting assets. We'll perform the necessary tracking and research to evaluate your brand's potential.

Researching new markets

Your primary target consumer might be obvious, but it can take a little more digging to tap into new markets you might not have initially recognised.

Powerful brands can stretch across multiple segments and categories, but first you need to understand where you are, where you want to go, and the best way to get there. That's where we come in.

Brand positioning

What do you want to be known for—and who do you want to know you? Answering these questions is by far the most critical element of building and maintaining a strong, well-defined brand.

Through intelligent market research, we'll help you find your ideal niche in the marketplace, profile your target audience, and define the differentiators that set you apart from competing brands.

Strong, solid identity

Without a strong, solid identity, you'll be indistinguishable from the sea of companies clamouring for your target market's attention.

Branding is important

As an e-business, your brand is like your virtual storefront—it's the face you present to your customers, prospects, and competitors.

Develop a winning brand

There's no question that branding is important, but for many business owners, it can seem like a daunting and time-consuming process.

Whether you're creating a new brand from scratch or you need to redefine an existing presence, conducting thorough research is essential to success.

We help today's busy corporations, entrepreneurs, and small businesses with all aspects of researching and developing a winning brand.

Turning knowledge into profits

At Informatix, we provide corporations, sole proprietors, non-profits, and government organisations with the market intelligence they need to reach their full potential.

We do this by combing the corners of the market, exploring untapped segments, performing competitor analysis, designing and administering surveys, and providing recommendations on applying the data we collect.

Stop guessing and start selling

Just as an architect can't design a new building without a blueprint, it's impossible for a business owner to build a successful brand without first gathering the necessary market intelligence.

By letting us handle your market research needs, you'll ensure that no stone is left unturned while saving valuable time and money.


Product & Service Research

Introducing a new product or service into the market is a big risk—but if it's a calculated risk, it can also be extremely rewarding in terms of profits and brand positioning. It's common knowledge that more than 80% of all new products fail, but you don't have to feed that statistic.

Guaging Your Customer Needs

After conducting the necessary research to determine which of your customers' needs and desires are not currently being met, we'll look for new market segments that represent untapped sources of revenue.

Quantative Analysis

We'll crunch the numbers to determine the size of your market, the demand for your product or service, the perceived value of your offering, and which customer segments are more likely to pay for that value.

Product Concepts

Through focus groups, surveys, and other qualitative research methodologies, we'll test the effectiveness of new product concepts and ideas prior to launch.

Test Market Research

Before releasing your product or service to the general public, it's prudent to conduct some research in a smaller test market.

We'll help you create the optimal test market, manage a limited release of your offering, and analyze the results of the test before applying them to a wider segment.

Markting Materials

Professional, finely honed marketing communications build trust and credibility for your business.

We'll help you develop the most effective, polished materials to encourage the highest adoption rate.

Product Launch

Releasing your product to market can be an anxious, high-risk process. Product launch research helps remove some of the uncertainty and increases your chances of success.

We'll monitor your product's performance, identify untapped opportunities, and help you overcome common obstacles along the way.


Looking at conducting some market research?

Customer Retention & Reacquisition

As any experienced marketer can tell you, it's much cheaper to cater to your current customers and try to win back previous buyers than attempt to recruit new ones. The key to optimising your customers' experience is understanding them.


Consistent customers

A thorough, well-planned research survey will tell you what makes your customers tick, what they need from you to ensure loyalty, and what could send them scurrying to your competitors.

In addition to current (consistent) customers, we'll also evaluate "disappearing" customers who have bought in the past and not returned, brand-new customers, and customers who purchase from your competitors.


Reduce churn rate

Our customer research campaigns will help you to:

  • Reduce churn rate
  • Promote the loyalty of high-quality customers
  • Find out why dissatisfied customers leave and how to win them back
  • Nurture profitable relationships with new customers
  • Become more focused on your customers' motivations and perceptions
connect with customers

Connect with customers

In addition to ensuring compliance, a panel is a highly effective way to connect with customers, boost loyalty and retention, collect priceless market research data, and express your gratitude to those who take the time to participate. Check out htis great article.