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Online Reputation Management

How to Take Control of Your Online Reputation

Are you managing your online reputation? Your brand’s online reputation is critical to your bottom line, and it starts with online reviews.  A staggering 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, and 92% of consumers reading online reviews. This shows that customer feedback is one of the most powerful ways to build…

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augmented reality

3 Big Myths About Augmented Reality Exposed

Myths always tend to build up around anything that’s cutting-edge and transformational –and Augmented Reality is no exception. The problem is these myths could be holding many businesses back from exploring the advantages of one of the most exciting technologies that’s entered the mass market in recent years.

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Video Promotion

Video Promotion & Production: the ultimate in client engagement and SEO improvement

Need more sales? How about more people seeing your brand, and even experiencing the ‘feeling’ of your brand story? Video is the most powerful marketing tool used today. And the incredible growth in mobile use and social media consumption have only made video more vital for making your message heard.

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digital transformation

Digital Transformation And Why It Matters

Eat or be eaten? There are many reasons businesses embark on a digital transformation, but, for many, it simply comes down to survival. If you don’t change, you’ll be left behind until, eventually, you disappear entirely.

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YYou’ve Only Got 8 Seconds

You’ve Only Got 8 Seconds

Every marketer knows that the average human attention span is short—but just how short is it? According to recently released data from Statistics Brain, people pay less attention than goldfish, because the human attention span is down to a mere eight seconds (compared to nine seconds for a goldfish). Remember – You’ve Only Got 8 Seconds

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