Did you know there are some really simple things you can do, right now, to drive engagement and accelerate conversions through email marketing?

Switch to our email marketing services today and you can unlock a host of new platform features – each designed to transform the way you use email marketing to connect with customers (and make your life easier!).

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Live Chat: Do Consumers Love It or Hate It?

More websites, especially ecommerce sites, are turning to live chat in order to provide their customers with more prompt and thorough customer service and an enhanced online experience. Live chat can also help online business gather customer data, capture addresses, and increase conversions. But how do consumers feel about this service?

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Little-Known Secrets for Making the Most of Live Chat

You already know that live chat enables you to connect in real-time with visitors as they browse your site and make purchasing decisions. It’s a powerful way to reach out to your customers, solve problems immediately, and increase conversions and sales. What you might not know is that your chat program has built-in features that go well beyond simply chatting with customers.

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