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Get ready to accelerate better email marketing results

Did you know there are some really simple things you can do, right now, to drive engagement and accelerate conversions through email marketing?

Switch to our email marketing services today and you can unlock a host of new platform features – each designed to transform the way you use email marketing to connect with customers (and make your life easier!).

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Beyond the blog post: The many faces of content marketing

Your Brand: The Publisher

Every digital marketer knows that content is still king, especially with search engine algorithms continually shifting in favor of conversational search and relevant, informative results. But just as the digital landscape has evolved, becoming more crowded and complex than ever, the requirements for successful content marketing have expanded beyond blog posts and social media.

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Don’t Make These Email Marketing Mistakes

Email Marketing Mistakes – One of the oldest and continually effective digital marketing strategies, email marketing can have powerful returns for your business. But like all marketing methods, email campaigns evolve over time—and some strategies that used to be effective simply don’t work anymore.

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Drip Feed Email Campaigns: Do They Really Work?

Drip Feed Email Campaigns: Do They Really Work?

Drip feed email campaigns, also known as lead nurturing programs, are a series of marketing messages designed to be sent to prospects at certain intervals, with each message building on the previous one. These types of campaigns are usually delivered through autoresponders to customers who have opted in through a landing page or subscription form. But how effective are they?

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Twitter Turns 7: How to Use it Best for Your Business

Twitter Turns 7: How to Use it Best for Your Business

March 21, 2013 marked exactly seven years since Twitter founder Jack Dorsey sent out the first-ever tweet, on what would become one of the most powerful and influential social media networks in the world. The message read “just setting up my twttr”—24 characters that have been “favorited” more than 10,000 times and retweeted more than 11,000, though most of the activity has been in response to Twitter’s 7th anniversary.

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