Social Media Marketing & Management

Your customers are listening… are you talking?

Your customers are listening… are you talking?

If you’re not already utilizing social media as a marketing tool, you’re missing out on a vast and captive audience of engaged consumers.

According to statistics compiled by Vivid Social Research Division in April of 2015, Facebook alone sees approximately 14 million unique Australian users each month, and 13.7 million visit YouTube. We can help you get your SMM under control with Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

With so many people primed for your message, can you afford to stay silent? 

Social Media Marketing

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No matter what, your tools are only as good as the work you put into them. If you don’t have a strategy in place, you won’t get any use out of the analytics and insights provided by these tools. Start by creating a social media campaign and then incorporate these useful tools into your strategy.

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Yes, social is important… but so is your time.

Depending on the industry you work in, you may spend your days designing, creating, and perfecting your products and services, and then delivering them to customers and clients. In between, there is likely a myriad of administrative and management tasks to fulfill. If you don’t have a full-time marketing staff, how are you supposed to find the time to manage social media activities?

Social Media Marketing - You’re not alone, we're here to help!

We’re pleased to introduce a new social media services offering. Our experienced digital marketing specialists can handle every aspect of your social campaigns. We’ll support and strengthen your brand, engage and inspire your consumers, and create an energized online community—all while leaving you free to focus on your day-to-day operations. Our offering includes:


Social Media Management

Social profiles are living, breathing entities that require ongoing care and attention—but many businesses can’t afford to hire full-time media managers, nor can they spare the time to develop and maintain their networks. 

We're not just going to build your online community and hand you the keys. To ensure that your social brand starts out strong and keeps on growing, we're here to help you every step of the way. 

From managing a timely posting schedule to responding to customer feedback, we'll keep your social marketing on track and thriving long after we’ve built your presence.

Competitor Analysis

You can’t achieve true excellence until you’ve identified the benchmarks of success—and you can’t manage your efforts effectively until you’ve measured them. Want to leave your competitors in the digital dust? Let us lead the way! We’ll start by determining what they're doing right (and what they're doing wrong), gathering timely and relevant competitive intelligence. 

Next, we'll help you create a comprehensive plan to one-up your biggest competitors’ social presences and establish yourself as an industry leader. 

Before spending money on expensive analysts or trying to cobble together a reporting strategy without the right tools or knowledge, contact Informatix to learn more about our convenient, cost-effective solutions.

Creative Campaigns

Social marketing isn't all about numbers and figures. It also requires a great deal of creativity. With so many different players vying for the attention of busy, overstimulated consumers, the key is positioning yourself in a fresh, unique way. 

We can learn your brand inside and out and apply just enough creativity to captivate your audience without compromising your core message. 

Whether that entails bold graphic design or cleverly written content, we can transform your social presence into something spectacular.


Good content is a precious commodity in the digital age, and it’s hard to come by—unless you have the right marketing partner. Instead of hiring expensive full-time writers or gambling with freelancers, leverage our on-staff expertise to capture your message. 

Our professional copywriters can create engaging blog posts, press releases, and other compelling content to support your social strategy. 

We’ll develop polished, professional copy that supports your brand identity, matches your tone and style, and inspires your customers to take action.

Reporting /Analysis

Keep your finger on the pulse of your social strategy with in-depth reporting and analytics. If your eyes are already glazing over, you need a reporting partner who can crunch the numbers and translate them into insightful facts you can apply to your operations. 

You can take the guesswork out of your success by knowing how each post, tweet, or pin is performing. 

Armed with this useful knowledge, you can adapt your marketing plan to deliver what your audience needs and loves most, while staying true to your essential brand.


Your social presence can make your business a smashing success, or it can fall flat and actually damage your brand. Let's work together to make it something memorable. With a thoughtful blend of the creative and the practical, we'll build an informative, engaging brand through informed social strategy. 

Are infographics best for your business model? Do your customers prefer short, snappy posts? Or maybe they respond better to info-rich blogs. 

We'll do the research to identify what attracts and inspires your audience, and will then build a customized strategy to make the most of your message.


If content creation is an art, publication is a science. If you’re just posting sporadically or at random times, you’re not giving your content a chance to reach its full potential. Understanding your customers’ online behaviors is key to capturing their attention and compelling them to action.

Once you have unique, compelling content, you need a plan to get it out there. Whether Facebook is your main focus or you'd like to utilize every major social platform, we can help you establish and follow a timely, effective posting schedule for maximum exposure to buyers. 

Our digital marketing specialists harness powerful distribution tools to cross-post, plan ahead, and always share the right content at the right time.

Are you making the most of social?

Or are you missing out on this effective, lucrative way to engage and inspire your target audience?

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