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Live Chat: Real-Time Connections, Long-Term Results

In a perfect world, customers will find exactly what they need, navigate effortlessly through your site, and breeze through a successful transaction, leaving their dollars and email address behind.

informatix live chat software

But it's not a perfect world. Some of your customers will have questions, problems, and frustrations—and if you don't address those in a timely manner, they could very well abandon your site. In fact, studies show that a whopping 62% of online shoppers leave before you even knew they arrived.


Online chat is a way to answer their questions whilst they're on your site. Connect and better understand with your website visitors in real time using live chat support software.

15-Day free trial. No credit card required

Track, capture & engage your visitors in real time to increase sales.

3 operator licenses included

$0 / month
  • File sharing
  • Track and engage with 10K visitors/month
  • 100 chat sessions/month
  • Canned replies
  • Basic visitor information
  • Mobile SDK
  • Credit card masking
  • Integration with Zoho apps
  • Daily reports

per operator

$15.51 / month
  • Everything in FREE plus
  • Email signature chat
  • Chat transfer and group chat
  • Track and engage with 50K visitors/month
  • 1000 chat sessions/month
  • 1 custom chatbot
  • Chat routing
  • Articles and FAQs
  • Proactive chat triggers
  • Lead scoring and company scoring
  • Business hours
  • Branding
  • 3 Departments
  • Visitor side chat history
  • Click to call & Screensharing
  • Third party integrations (Salesforce, Zendesk, and Clearbit)
  • Unlimited chat history

per operator

$26.40 / month
  • Everything in BASIC +
  • Data and action widgets
  • Block IP
  • Track and engage with 100K visitors/month
  • Unlimited chat sessions per month
  • 5 custom chatbots
  • 5 Departments
  • Telegram channel
  • Operator chat monitoring
  • New Apple TV app
  • Weekly and monthly reports

per perator

$39.05 / month
  • Everything in PROFESSIONAL +
  • Chat translation
  • Company profile enrichment using Zia
  • Track and engage with 200K visitors/month
  • Abusive content management
  • Cloud Telephony and PBX
  • 10 custom chatbots
  • 25 Departments
  • Answer Bot Zia

*Prices mentioned are inclusive of local taxes.

Helping you help your customers


Live chat has emerged as a highly effective, engaging way to connect with customers at a critical point in the purchasing path.

Unlike slower, more static forms of support, such as email and FAQs, live chat allows you to "talk" online with customers in real time, providing immediate answers and solutions.

Customer Stickiness

Visitors will stay longer, spend more, and come back more often - all because you made the effort to provide the help they needed, right when they needed it.

Create customer stickyness with every visit and chat interaction. Website chat can help you connect in real time.

Quick Setup

In addition to the robust, business-boosting capabilities , Live Chat offers quick setup, the ability to search live chat transcripts, transfers to multiple operators, and much more.

As always, you'll have the support of our customer service team, ready and able to address your questions and concerns—in real time, of course.

Free Trial

Try Informatix Live Chat at no cost or obligation. If you're not absolutely delighted after the free trial period, you're free to cancel the service at anytime.

What do you have to lose—besides higher sales and happier customers?

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Why Choose Informatix Live Chat Software

Flexibility is what our solutions are all about. Check out feature set - we blow our competition away every time.

Live Chat Features

live chat branding

Comprehensive Branding Options

We'll design all elements of your live chat service to reflect your company's style, complete with your logo, colors, and preferred font style. The result is a seamless, professional appearance that's fully integrated with your website's design.

Chat sessions will be displayed in an unobtrusive overlay, not an annoying pop-up window to ensure that your live chat interface doesn't distract from the shopping process.

Track & Engage Visitors

Understand how visitors are interacting with your website in real time. Use that insight to trigger rule-based proactive chat conversations.

  • Geolocate your visitors
  • Track visitors' footprints
  • Personalized chat
  • Automatic chat translation
  • Identify new and returning visitors
  • Start chats based on visitor activity
  • Interactive email campaigns
  • Screen sharing
website visitor tracking

Engage Your Visitors 24/7 With Bots

Automate the first-level engagement and gather the basic information your leads such as name, email address, etc. Chatbots can also perfectly index FAQ articles (inside the in-chat knowledge base) or other help guides, albeit in an interactive way. Our custom bot-builder, Zobot comes with the following capabilities:

Visitor Insights

  • Turn your website into a lead generation machine
  • Your visitors. Their scores. Your recipe.
  • Focus on prospects that deserve your attention.
live chat visitor insights
live chat measure coach monitor

Measure, Coach and Monitor.

You can't improve what you don't measure. Get daily and monthly reports delivered right into your inbox.

Understand how to improve your team's sales conversations. Monitor chat conversations and provide instant feedback. Coach your team to be sales superheroes.

  • Prebuilt reports.
  • Coach in real-time.
  • Team Monitoring.
live chat perfomance monitoring
live chat prebuilt reports
live chat cobrowse coach
live chat ecommerce integrations

CMS & Ecommerce Integrations.

SalesIQ works well with leading CMS and e-commerce platforms.

Get a competitive edge
Encourage purchases
Reduce cart abandonment

Rules Based & Manual Dynamic Intelligemt Triggers

In addition to a default invite image, any number of dynamic invites can be created against monitored sites. Each dynamic invite can have its own imagery and movement on properties.

This feature allows you to optimise special offers and is useful for invites that are related to products, services or sections of your site.

live chat intelligent triggers
live chat website visitor tracking

Turn Your Website Into a Lead Generation Machine

Website-visitor tracking is critical for targeted engagement of both new and returning visitors. You can access an insightful visitor list of ALL your visitors, prioritized on their score. Personalize your prospect engagement by analyzing their site behavior and pages of interest. Follow up effectively with nimble notes.

Canned Responses

In addition to a default invite image, any number of dynamic invites can be created against monitored sites. Each dynamic invite can have its own imagery and movement on properties.

This feature allows you to optimise special offers and is useful for invites that are related to products, services or sections of your site.

live chat canned responses

Chat & Interact With Customers

From sales guidance to customer support, our live chat system works with you to improve customer satisfaction.


Chat Management Tools

Manage, analyse and better support your customers & your Live Chat support team.

live chat translation

Automatic Chat Translation

Real time automatic language translation built right into the SalesIQ platform.

Receive messages in any language but converse with prospects in their native language. Engage with a wider audience and cover markets spreads across the globe.

live chat screen sharing

Screen sharing

Set the standard for support with screen share. Assist customers with real-time solutions and guide them to use your products or to complete procedures.

live chat intelligent skills based routing

Intelligent Skills Based Chat Routing

Our chat bots can seamlessly transfer chats to the right people for further engagement based on data such as potential owner, chat history, and more. Data collected from the prospect is also transferred, so the assigned operator has all the context needed to continue the conversation.

Better Integration

SalesIQ offers 'add-ons' for CMS, ecommerce, and email marketing platforms that help you close more deals while tracking your website visitors in real-time. Use our Developer API to integrate with a multitude of business applications.

live chat easy integration
live chat integration

Live Chat On Mobile

Add a live chat widget to your mobile app using Mobilisten—our live chat mobile software development kit (SDK), and use the SalesIQ mobile app to track and engage with visitors from anywhere.