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Live Chat: Real-Time Connections, Long-Term Results

In a perfect world, customers will find exactly what they need, navigate effortlessly through your site, and breeze through a successful transaction, leaving their dollars and email address behind.

But it's not a perfect world. Some of your customers will have questions, problems, and frustrations—and if you don't address those in a timely manner, they could very well abandon your site. In fact, studies show that a whopping 62% of online shoppers leave before you even knew they arrived. Online chat is a way to answer their questions whilst they're on your site. Connect and better understand with your website visitors in real time using live chat support software. 

Are you willing to play those kinds of odds?

Helping you help your customers


Live chat has emerged as a highly effective, engaging way to connect with customers at a critical point in the purchasing path. Unlike slower, more static forms of support, such as email and FAQs, live chat allows you to "talk" online with customers in real time, providing immediate answers and solutions.

Quick Setup

In addition to the robust, business-boosting capabilities , Live Chat offers quick setup, the ability to search live chat transcripts, transfers to multiple operators, and much more. As always, you'll have the support of our 24/7 customer service team, ready and able to address your questions and concerns—in real time, of course.

Customer Stickiness

Visitors will stay longer, spend more, and come back more often - all because you made the effort to provide the help they needed, right when they needed it. Create customer stickyness with every visit and chat interaction. Website chat can help you connect in real time.

Free Trial

Try Informatix Live Chat at no cost or obligation. If you're not absolutely delighted after the free trial period, you're free to cancel the service at anytime. What do you have to lose—besides higher sales and happier customers?

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Why Choose Informatix Live Chat Software

Flexibility is what our solutions are all about. Check out feature set - we blow our competition away every time. 

Plus we're Australian Based with local support!

Live Chat features

Comprehensive Branding Options

We'll design all elements of your live chat service to reflect your company's style, complete with your logo, colors, and preferred font style. The result is a seamless, professional appearance that's fully integrated with your website's design. Chat sessions will be displayed in an unobtrusive overlay, not an annoying pop-up window to ensure that your live chat interface doesn't distract from the shopping process.

Location & GEOIP

Detect a visitor’s location, GEO IP including organisation name where available, through to browser and operating system. All the visitor details you need in one place.

Visitor Tracking & Analytics

Qualified prospects are the bread and butter of your business growth initiatives, and with informatixLIVE, identifying them has never been easier. We give you full visibility into which marketing campaigns are driving prospects to your site, which pages get the most traffic, and how long visitors are spending on each page. We can even send customised messages to prospects in real time, offering live assistance to lower abandonment rates and boost conversions.

Web Site Monitoring

Through a single client you can monitor multiple sites and take chats from them. No need for multiple windows – see all your sites and all your chats in one place. Alternatively, limit the sites dependant on agent skill set or department.

Adwords Campaign Management

Track visitors based on the campaign that they used to find your site such as PPC, email newsletter, social media or any source where you have used a tracking code. You can create real-time 'Alerts' for each campaign and you can view historical analysis reports.

Page Tracking

When it comes to customer data, every detail counts. Our solution includes real-time and historical web analytics, compiling the key information you need to create intelligent marketing campaigns and enhance the user experience. You'll learn where your visitors live, what referring URLs are sending them to your site, what pages they're spending the most time on, and where they're leaving. At any given moment, you can be the proverbial "the spider on the wall" by logging on and monitoring user behaviour in real time. Detailed conversion reports measure the sales and revenue generated from live chat conversations.

Rule Based & Manual Dynamic Chat Invites

In addition to a default invite image, any number of dynamic invites can be created against monitored sites. Each dynamic invite can have its own imagery and movement on properties. This feature allows you to optimise special offers and is useful for invites that are related to products, services or sections of your site.

Chat & Interact With Customers

From sales guidance to customer support, our live chat system works with you to improve customer satisfaction.


Canned Responses

Canned responses allow agents to quickly insert a pre written piece of text into a chat. This could be in the form of a pre written introduction, a special offer or an answer to a frequently asked question. Canned responses can be categorized for ease of use by site, department or type of enquiry.

Post & Pre Chat Surveys

The success of your support system is dependent on the satisfaction of your customers. Upon completion of each live chat, you can send a quick survey to get their feedback, questions, and suggestions

Video Chats

Technology used for conducting audio and video interaction in real time. It builds trust within the user. This option can be segmented and used for only high profile customers, or frequent customers.

Chat Management

Chat Management entails all of the options available to agents to manage their chats and receive support. An agent can request monitoring of a troublesome or technical chat, and a manager can whisper answers to the agent or take control of the chat. Agents can also transfer a chat to a different team or agent as needed.

Visitor Detail

Track and see visitor details such as; location, organization and IP address. See new and returning visitors and engage with those of interest targeting industry specific visitors or by geographic location to improve productivity and ROI.

File Uploading

Both visitor and operator is able to upload files to share. Most file formats are acceptable and this allows you to gather information quickly and efficiently. Also used for live document verification, this allows the user to upload documentation instantaneously and an advisor to authenticate it, reducing resources and costs and improving the overall online journey.

Real Time Chat Translation

Real time translation allows operators and visitors to chat to each other in different languages. Informatix will translate the chat text in both directions and can translate up to 14 languages. Real time translation is an optional premium feature.

Cross Platform Acces

Manage live chat anytime, anywhere with Silverlight and your browser.

Our clients have long reaped the benefits of Informatix Live Chat, one of the most feature-rich, user-friendly live chat software solutions on the market. And now, with the introduction of Silverlight, we've further increased the accessibility of our popular live chat tool. Silverlight allows you to run our Informatix Live Chat software on any browser. You can conveniently log on and administer your chat system while you're on the road, at home, or working from a remote location. Compatible with PCs (Windows) and Macs (OSX)

Chat Analytics & Reporting

You're always in the know! Clear concise data at your finger tips. 
Slice and dice your live chat data mine 24/7.


Daily Summaries

Displays a variety of Summary information for each day in relation to the site. Contains totals for: Visits, New Visitors, Prospects, Customers, Alerts free, Alerts Paid, Views, Invites, Chats, Missed Chats, Peak Visits and Peak Visit Time.

Visitor Analysis

Analyse your traffic by visitor and drill down into your own client base to understand where your traffic is coming from. Analyse cold spots and increase your marketing to target new prospects.

Visit Lists

Visits lists allows you to intelligently segment visitors how you want. For example you could segment customers by marketing campaign, location, pages visited, visitor behaviour etc.

Monthly Reporting

As with Daily summaries the automated monthly reports will give you detailed analysis on: Visits, New Visitors, Prospects, Customers, Alerts free, Alerts Paid, Views, Invites, Chats, Missed Chats, Peak Visits, and Peak Visit Time. Charts and graphs are also available to allow further visual reporting and can be scheduled to send via email to selected groups.

Custom Reporting

There are 80 static reports which can be utilised and pulled upon but you can also custom build your own reports (installable option) or request reports to be built for you (hosted option). These can detail anything you like and compare statistics side by side for easy analysis

Chat Management Tools

Manage, analyse and better support your Live Chat support team.


Operator Management

Set agent chat schedules in the client to ensure you have sufficient coverage, change available canned responses, and create skill set groups for routing chats

Skills Based Chat Routing & Queuing

Skills based chat routing enables chat requests to be sent to the correct operators by matching the skills of the chat request to the skills provided by operators. For each monitored site, create an unlimited number of skill selection rules, these will define how chat requests and visitors are matched to skills.


Supervisor Monitoring & Training

See both operator and visitor chat sessions in real time. Send ‘whisper’ or private messages to the operator to help them respond or correct a response. This is a useful tool for managers or admins to use for training purposes.

Operator To Operator Chat

Hold or join group chats with other users of the Informatix Live Chat client in the same way you would chat to a visitor. Using chat rooms for information can help users answer visitor questions quickly. Upload and share files of interest with other users. This feature allows operators to share news and suggested improvements or discuss chat topics and can be monitored by managers.

Help Desk & Ticketing

Better integration.


CRM Base Integration

Integrate with your knowledge base to allow agents or managers to send a chat transcript, or part of a chat transcript straight to your knowledge base to be shared with others – with just a click of a button. Chat integration captures key interaction data. 

Connect and integrate with Microsoft CRM, & Sugar CRM & Even Office 365

Remote Desktop Control

During live chat sessions you can offer your visitor the option of a full remote desktop sharing session. You can see and control the visitor’s desktop, help and complete checkout forms or help with any PC or software related problems. Improve customer experience and retention with this feature and save on lengthy phone calls.

Ticketing - Issue Management

Live chat sessions can be escalated to the ticketing system. Tickets can include any number of custom fields and attachments. Ticket responses can be automatically delivered to customers via threaded email for confirmation of chat. This feature also includes automated skills based ticket distribution.

Ticketing is an optional premium feature.

Visitor Co-browsing

Assist visitors with their browsing. See what your visitor sees and what actions he takes. User problems can be predicted to help prevent them leaving your site. Analyze the surfing habits of visitors, see page views and time on page. Real time data will allow you to optimize your site. Visitors can also authorize to give you remote desktop control. See benefit on next slide

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