Marketing Automation

Moving at the speed of strategy

How much of your workday is spent performing the same repetitive tasks over and over? The answer may surprise you. From sending satisfaction surveys to monitoring website performance to communicating with customers and prospects, there are certain functions that have to get done, but not necessarily by you.

Combining the latest technologies and innovative strategies, we can automate your most tedious and time-consuming tasks, giving you revenue-boosting results along with the freedom to focus on business development and client service.

Visualise, map, deliver and analyse your entire marketing automation plan

Email isn't the only marketing channel that can be automated to increase efficiency and response times. You can set up your system to place pre-recorded calls thanking customers for their purchases, send text messages to people who've registered for a tele-seminar or webinar, or mail postcards to those who have requested to have something shipped to them, such as a free marketing report.

Engage with your contacts automatically

Automation allows you to create a more intuitive campaign that can send out emails in response to certain events, like customer birthdays or items they’ve left in their shopping cart. Instead of “cold calling” your customers with your email campaigns, you’ll have the opportunity to react to real events that can ultimately result in a conversion.

Automate your marketing, sales, and business processes.

Use drip-fed automated campaigns to send scheduled welcome emails, engage contacts on their birthdays, send contract reminders even automate sales follow ups. Combined with personalisation and dynamic content you can create an entirely automated sales force in the cloud. Focus and better target contacts using clever technology to increase interactivity and drive sales.

Automate the life cycle of your contacts

Seamlessly manage your contact workflow. Easily move subscribers between lists, send specific follow up emails even update their specific details. Map out an implement all the actions and triggers required to cleverly interact with your your contacts when they reply to an email, click on a link or interact with any campaign in any way. It's that granular...

Dynamic / conditional content in emails

Show different content in your messages based on your contact's demographics, interaction with your website and marketing campaigns. Create dynamic content based on age, gender, location, past campaign actions, likes and dislikes.

Analyzse social interactions

View all social interactions with your campaigns in real time. Set up actions to take place when a contact shares your campaign or clicks anything.

Automatically import your contacts

You can automatically fetch and add new contacts from your favourite CRM’s, eCommerce platforms, help desk software and more. It keeps everything up to date - add a new contact in your CRM and they’ll automatically show up in your email marketing database.

Use personal details as part of your automations

Clever technology can automatically determine your contact's age, gender, interests, social profiles, and more. Create powerful campaign automations & contact segments.

Notifications that keep you updated

Notify your team so they can follow up or take action as contacts move lists & stages within your sales & marketing cycle.

Have new web content trigger email campaigns for you

Put your campaigns in auto-pilot mode. Campaigns can be triggered by dynamic content whenever you update your website or post new content. Great for a new product announcement, blog updates and news articles.

Utilise behavioural data from your web site and third party apps

With website & event tracking we connect your existing web site and third party applications. Every page visit, every interaction with your apps, any custom events you define can easily be logged with a single snippet of code and related to each individual contact in your database. You can then create fully automated campaigns, personalise campaigns, segment your contacts, & more based on your data.

Automatic contact cleanup

Incorrect or outdated contacts - No Chance! Automatically remove invalid and fake contacts. Keep your database ultra-clean.

Utilise interactions and behaviours from your web sites and apps

We can track website page visits and custom events you define, providing real-time behavioural analysis.

Complete segmentation

Easily create segments of your contacts using basic or advanced logic.
Check against your contacts' data -- behaviours, interactions, location, history, and much more.

Intelligence driven automations

We provide countless options for what you can automate within each of your automations. Update data, initiate campaigns, add branches, add conditions, wait for certain things to happen, start or nurture sales processes, etc.

How Marketing Automation Works

Our automation services turn your marketing campaigns and client communications into controlled, measurable processes, relieving your burden and giving you priceless peace of mind. Plus, detailed metrics give you a quick visual snapshot of exactly what was completed.techniques, secure e-commerce functionality, blogging, marketing communications, and much more.

Review & Analysis

We'll start by evaluating your current business marketing processes, pinpointing inefficiencies or missed opportunities, and providing our expert recommendations for streamlining through automation.

Metrics & Benchmarking

Without the proper reporting mechanisms in place, it's impossible to gauge the efficiency and productivity of your processes. We'll provide tangible measurements that can be presented to management and used as a comparison tool for future improvements.

Process Execution

Based on our findings and recommendations, we'll implement automated solutions to replace your manual, disparate systems and processes.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Effective process optimisation involves more than just one round of improvements. As your business changes and grows, we'll continually review your processes and make any necessary changes to overcome new challenges and seize new opportunities.

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