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Identify new v/s returning visitor.

Convert your website visitor data into insights. Use it to engage prospects during their returning visits.

Amaze returning visitors by delivering a more personalised experience. Recall their name, chat history and previous web path. A well structured conversation with a returning visitor backed by relevant insights can drive more sales.

15-Day free trial. No credit card required

Track, capture & engage your visitors in real time to increase sales.

3 operator licenses included

$0 / month
  • File sharing
  • Track and engage with 10K visitors/month
  • 100 chat sessions/month
  • Canned replies
  • Basic visitor information
  • Mobile SDK
  • Credit card masking
  • Integration with Zoho apps
  • Daily reports

per operator

$15.51 / month
  • Everything in FREE plus
  • Email signature chat
  • Chat transfer and group chat
  • Track and engage with 50K visitors/month
  • 1000 chat sessions/month
  • 1 custom chatbot
  • Chat routing
  • Articles and FAQs
  • Proactive chat triggers
  • Lead scoring and company scoring
  • Business hours
  • Branding
  • 3 Departments
  • Visitor side chat history
  • Click to call & Screensharing
  • Third party integrations (Salesforce, Zendesk, and Clearbit)
  • Unlimited chat history

per operator

$26.40 / month
  • Everything in BASIC +
  • Data and action widgets
  • Block IP
  • Track and engage with 100K visitors/month
  • Unlimited chat sessions per month
  • 5 custom chatbots
  • 5 Departments
  • Telegram channel
  • Operator chat monitoring
  • New Apple TV app
  • Weekly and monthly reports

per perator

$39.05 / month
  • Everything in PROFESSIONAL +
  • Chat translation
  • Company profile enrichment using Zia
  • Track and engage with 200K visitors/month
  • Abusive content management
  • Cloud Telephony and PBX
  • 10 custom chatbots
  • 25 Departments
  • Answer Bot Zia

*Prices mentioned are inclusive of local taxes.

as individual as you

Personalized chat.

Ever called up a sales helpline, asked for your favorite rep who lists you to the best deals of the day? Guess what!

You can even do that on live chat now! Your prospects will be thrilled! Just decide the agents to be listed, include a small bio about their specialties and let your prospects choose whom to chat with.


SalesIQ - Hassle-free live chat for customer support & business growth

Increase the ROI on your marketing efforts. Get started now to connect with real time visitors.

Find out how live chat can help your business grow

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Activity based proactive chats.

Proactively engaged visitors are 5 times more likely to buy v/s an average visitor.Trigger 'hot prospect' notifications in real time to your agents when visitors complete certain actions on your website.

Create predefined rules like time on site or visitor landing page to proactively engage through automated live chat. Get notified when a next big customer lands on your website.


Online live chat, visitor tracking and analytics rolled into one platform

Track and engage visitors.

Monitor how visitors are interacting with your website in real-time. Strategically reach out to prospects with personalized messages. Create predefined rules for live chat engagement and get notified when a big fish lands on your website.

Drive engagement with Zoho CRM.

Identify high-value prospects and focus your energy on those who need your attention. Set triggers to connect with 'Hot' or 'Warm' prospects returning to your website. Assign follow-up tasks on Zoho CRM without leaving the live chat window.

Anytime live support software

Handle visitors 24/7 at first-step using custom-built chatbots. Identify sales-ready leads among them by defining your own qualifiers. Use SalesIQ's mobile live chat app to track and engage with visitors from anywhere.

Real time lead scoring.

Segment your visitors based on their levels of interest. Create powerful lead scores based on your own rules. Target the prospects who need to be engaged on priority.

Sell smarter. Close deals faster.

Connect with prospects at strategic points within your site. Route leads to sales reps based on their expertise. Use intelligent triggers to automate prospect engagement via email campaigns.

Actionable analytics.

Keep track of the progress made by your live chat agents. Make smarter business decisions by analysing top agents, active departments, unique visitors and other key metrics. Do hands-on sales training in real-time.


Automatic chat translation.

Real time automatic language translation built right into the Zoho SalesIQ platform.

Receive messages in any language but converse with prospects in their native language. Engage with a wider audience and cover markets spreads across the globe.

Screen sharing.

Set the standard for support with SalesIQ live chat software screen share. Assist customers with real-time problem resolution and guide them to use your products or to complete procedures.

Pre-built reports.

Measure, Coach and Monitor.

Summarize the performance of your team through easy to interpret prebuilt reports. Zoho SalesIQ reports are easy to compare and spot trends. Make smarter business decisions by analyzing top agents, active departments, unique visitors and other key metrics.

Coach in real-time.

Sales managers can co-browse with an agent while they live chat with prospects. Enable hands on sales chat training. Ensure the quality of an agent's live chat by providing private feedback as the chat session progresses.


Performance Monitoring.

Keep track of the progress made by your agents. Monitor their average response time, number of multiple chats and online vs idle hours. Ensure the best customer experience by routing hot prospects to your top agents and shorten the sales cycle.