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Create & Send Engaging Email Marketing Campaigns

Our email marketing software is the leading web based platform for creating, managing, and extending your email campaigns, SMS campaigns, marketing automation and auto responders. Powerful tools  to impact customers in creative ways.

Add engaging content to your email masterpiece

Easily add content without any need to know HTML coding. Use videos, shopping cart data, RSS feeds, blog and news articles.

Paragraphs & Text

You have full Drag & Drop control to create tables, text and paragraphs - style your text the way you want.


Embed videos from Youtube & Vimeo etc right into your emails. The system automatically does what it needs to be viewed across all devices.


Add headers to separate your content. Copy headers or move them by dragging & dropping them with your mouse. Atomate repetitive tasks.


Embed live product data from your eCommerce platform (Shopify, Magento, Etsy, Big Commerce etc.) Show products relevatnt to your audience. Each and evry contact is unique.

RSS Feeds

Include live content from any RSS feed. Blog updates, news articles, most recent products, website updates, and much more.

Single images or even a whole gallery

Add single images or even a a full image gallery. Choose from a wide variety of image layouts - our system even resizes all your images automatically. Easy!

Eye-catching buttons

Easily create action buttons to help improve your click through rates. Adjust button colour, padding, rounded edges.

Social Links

Insert all your social media links and networks into your campaign and monitor your social clickiness.

Design Beautiful Responsive Emails

Create and send newsletters, campaign follow-ups, and individual personalised emails.

Drag & Drop Editor:

Our drag & drop email designer allows you to easily create your own email design using the latest point and click technology. No code required!

Connect & Integrate:

Adding new content is just a mouse-click away. Connect and integrate with all the services you love to use like YouTube, Vimeo, Shopify. Even use an RSS feed to engage with your contacts in new and exciting ways.

An email campaign work-flow designed to save you time

Every detail of creating, testing and sending your your email marketing campaigns has been optimised to save you time. 

Free designer templates to choose fromfree-email-templates Whether you're in Travel, Real Estate, Finance, Recruitment, Travel, or can choose from a wide range of professional looking email templates to get your message across.

Mobile friendly/responsive & email client ready

All designer emails are responsive and optimised for mobile devices, tablests and desktops along with all the major email clients out there.

A/B Split testing - and the winner is?

Test different subject lines email content to see what gives you the most opens and clicks and sales. For example pick 3 differnet email designs and have the system send them to say 5% of your contatc base. Pick and deliver winning email campaigns based on real statistics.

In-Box preview for better results

We show how your email will look as you edit it. You can also preview how your email will look across many email cleints like Google, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.

Free image hosting

Upload or drag & drop your photos into your email, easily edit photos with our built-in photo editor. Automatically resize your photos for your design.

Email Personalisation

Personalize your subject & body content with your contacts name & other fields. Interweave demographic data along with your contacts' like sand dislikes to meaningfully engage them. We make it all easy.

Dynamic content embedded right into your campaigns

Add valuable content from your eCommerce platform or embed RSS based data directly into your email campaigns. It helps generate more clisks and more sales!

Build, Manage, Grow & Explore Your Contacts

Gather and manage all your contacts in one digital marketing platform.


Build, Manage, Grow:

Build and manage your contact list easily and more effectively. Use our comprehensive contact based features to better understand the personal & behavioral details of your contacts. Utilise the wealth of data for mass automation sequences, personalised and targeted campaigns, and more.

Automatically import or sync:

Import and syncronise your contacts and virtually any other type of data (IE: birthdays, country, age, purchase histories, etc..) Our automatic importing and real-time syncronisation capabilities ensure your data will always be up to date and available to intgrate with other systems you use to run your business.

Full history:

View the full history of a contact (from all your marketing and sales channels) on a single screen.

Subscription forms

Add subscription forms to your web site to to capture, nurture and effectively communicate to your audience using clever marketing automation.

Extensive contact data profiling

From just an email address, we can fetch a contact's age, gender, location, interests, social profiles, and more.

Data driven segmentation

Segment your contacts by their contact data, campaign interactions, activity on your site, interests/social data, and much more. Use segments to explore contacts, send targeted campaigns, and affect automations.

Learn more about your contacts and customers

Our system can determine your contact's age, gender, interests, social profiles, and more from their email. Create powerful automation sequences & demograhic segments that allow you to have greater insight into your contacts.

Grow your list of contacts with subscription forms

Add customised subscription forms to your web site to easily capture website visitors. Easily customise the look and feel of your webforms to match your existing company branding.

Segment Your Contacts

Create powerful contact segments with subscribers matching specific conditions about their profile, history, interests/social data, interactions and behaviours. Drill down and send targeted campaigns maximising your potential to influence and sell your products and services.

Create Custom Fields

Store & manage any type of subscription data. Choose from a range of custom fields types such as drop downs, text fields, radio buttons, and more. Personalise your email marketing campaigns or segment your lists based on this data. You can even personalise your suject lines to improve open rates!

Visualise your campaign statistics and activity in real time...

Big, bold and easy to navigate and understand. Monitor every campaign interaction and discover new contact trends. Deliver dynamic behavioural email campaigns.

A new way of viewing

A new way of viewing all of your campaigns in a one list including the new GEO reporting chart which shows real-time GEO map, time-lapse, and a heat map details. Available at the world or country level.

360 degree contact view:

Contact cards that will show up when you hover over a contact. You can now use a single folder to store regular campaigns and automated series together. Our automated series reporting shows engagement, replies and the ability to view the email clients your contacts use at a campaign level or global/list level.

Email Marketing Software

Intelligent behavioural trigger based emails & campaigns

Create campaign automations based on contact & behavioral data. Trigger & schedule follow up emails based on contacts' actions, interests, or behaviors on your website.

Start with a small snippet of code

Simply add a small snippet of code to your website and instantly start tracking all of your site traffic. Our code can also allow you to log specific events using custom event calls from within mobile apps, custom backend services, billing apps, and more.

Log every interaction

Every website page visited, how many times they visited any custom events or actions you have scheduled are all tracked. You may want to send a personalised email to someone that signed up for a newsletter, watched a promotional company video, or even downloaded a product brioochurer. It can all be logged and used in future email campaigns.

More than site and page visit tracking

Extend the tracking beyond web site interactions by using event logging. This allows you to log actions, changes, and more from within custom applications, backend services, mobile apps, and virtually anything else you wish to log.

We make all of this data actionable

Personalize every aspect of your marketing. Take the data you collect from tracking and create highly effective campaign automations, utilize segments to explore your contacts, view a contact's full individual history, and send highly personalized campaigns and followups.

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