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Paper Based Surveys: Relevant or Relic?

Paper-Based Surveys: Relevant or Relic?

The world is moving away from paper based surveys as the digital culture takes over. Printed newspapers and magazines are largely online, businesses have reduced or eliminated paper files in favor of electronic storage, and consumers use coupons from their smartphones and receive spam instead of junk mail. But does paper still have a place for business surveys?

Paper-Based Surveys

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Revealed: Secrets to Writing Great Online Survey Questions

Revealed: Secrets to Writing Great Online Survey Questions

An online survey can be a powerful tool for your business—if it’s written the right way. To get the answers you’re looking for, you need to ask the right questions. Also pay attention to several other aspects of your surveys: the length, the question format, the process for collecting responses, even the appearance of your surveys.

Online, Survey Questions

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