How to Get More Responses for Your Online Surveys

Online surveys can provide valuable insights into consumer behavior and satisfaction—but only if people respond to them. s

These tips can help you create online surveys that bring in more responses and grow your business.

  • Expand your audience beyond your mailing list. A wider respondent pool can increase the effectiveness. Consider posting your survey to your social media networks, and to online communities related to your industry.
  • Personalize your email survey requests with the recipient’s name. Like most email marketing, a personal greeting will result in more interest.
  • Keep the invitation short and sweet. Let people know who you are, what you do, and the purpose of your survey, along with any benefits you’re offering. Include only one link—straight to the survey.
  • Cut the clutter on the first page. Don’t post detailed instructions, long explanations, or marketing copy. If your survey requires extensive directions, you should probably consider changing it.
  • Don’t forget to include a privacy statement, reassuring responders that their information will not be shared or sold.
  • Consider offering an incentive to entice people to answer your survey, such as a free promotional item, gift certificate, or one-time deep discount.
  • Send reminder emails to people who haven’t responded—they may have intended to take your survey, and simply forgotten about it.
  • Post the results online. Giving people the option to see how their opinions compare with others at the end of the survey encourages them to finish filling it out.\

If you’d like to benefit from an online survey, but don’t have time to create, implement, or analyze one yourself, contact Informatix to learn more about our comprehensive survey services.

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