Why You Need The Right CRM Partner To Drive Your Business Growth

Let me guess – running your business feels like a never-ending juggling act lately. Chasing down leads, managing operations, delighting customers, and actually finding time to work on growth…yeah, it’s a lot.

How to find the right CRM partner. You could probably use a few extra arms (and let’s be honest, maybe an extra brain too) to get everything done. What if I told you there’s a powerful solution that can act as those extra limbs you desperately need? A trusty sidekick to simplify and streamline your day-to-day madness?

I’m talking about implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. When done correctly with the right partner, a CRM can revolutionize how you run your business.

The CRM Implementation Nightmare

You Thought Finding a CRM Was Hard?

Wait Till You Try Implementing One CRM platforms promise to automate tasks, centralise customer data, and bring order to chaos. That all sounds great in theory, right? But for many business owners, that promise quickly turns into a nightmare of an implementation experience.

Maybe you’ve been there before – the endless data entry, struggling to integrate with existing systems, training employees who aren’t adopting the new tool. After investing all that time and money, you’re left with an underutilised, overly complex system creating more headaches than it solves.

If the above sounds painfully familiar, I don’t blame you for being hesitant about taking the CRM plunge again. Implementing new tech while running your business is no easy feat – unless you have the right partner.

CRM partner

The Secret Weapon: Your CRM Partner

The Sherpa to Guide You Towards CRM Success. When you have a knowledgeable CRM partner by your side, the entire implementation process becomes much smoother. These CRM gurus live and breathe this stuff, acting as your personal sherpas to guide you every step of the way.

Think about it – you wouldn’t attempt to climb Mount Everest alone, right? Having that experienced sherpa leading the way is critical for a successful, safe ascent. The same goes for scaling the mountain of implementing a new CRM.

With an expert partner, you can avoid costly missteps, integration fails, and adoption issues by:

  • Gaining their deep understanding of how your business operates to tailor the CRM
  • Customizing the platform to perfectly complement your processes
  • Providing hands-on training to foster employee buy-in and drive adoption
  • Seamlessly integrating the CRM with your current tech stack
  • Optimizing and evolving usage as your company scales

A partner eliminates the pitfalls of going it alone because they’re truly invested in your long-term success. Not just tossing software over the fence – this is a strategic partnership.

Client Success Story – How the Perfect CRM Partner Transformed Brisk Transport.

Not convinced yet on why finding a CRM soulmate is so vital? Let me walk you through how this partnership completely turned things around for Brisk Transport, a local and interstate furniture removalist specialist.

A family-owned and operated transportation and removalist business with 30 years of industry experience servicing Brisbane and specialising in moves to and from Melbourne.

Like you, Brisk Transport was drowning in disorganised data, manual processes, and lack of customer visibility. They knew implementing a CRM was critical but had failed attempting it on their own initially.

That all changed when they connected with Informatix – with over 20 plus years of digital transformation experience under our belt. We made it clear how different we were from the typical tech vendor from the start, making it their mission to truly understand Brisk’s operations.


The team at Informatix embedded themselves at Brisk, studying every nitty-gritty detail of their sales cycles, order processes, customer touchpoints, and more. With this deep knowledge, only then could they tailor the CRM platform and custom integrations, workflows, and dashboards designed to fit Brisk’s unique needs.

But it didn’t stop at just implementation. We also developed robust training programs, digital dashboards, ensured employee adoption, and provided committed support and optimisation as Brisk grew.

The results speak for themselves:

  • A flexible CRM framework
  • 33% increase in lead conversions
  • 2x their average deal size
  • Comprehensive realtime dashboards
  • Automated digital communication workflow
  • Pin-point customer review and feedback process
  • 500+ hours per month saved from eliminating manual data entry

All from finding a partner genuinely dedicated to learning their business, not just checking boxes.

Finding The Right CRM Match For You

How to Select a Partner Invested in Your Success
Looking at transformations like Brisk’s, the value of a CRM partner becomes pretty clear. But how can you find the right match for your business? Start by looking for these qualities:

What to look for:

✓ Extensive hands-on expertise and certifications across top CRM platforms
✓ Proven experience and successful implementations in your specific industry
✓ Commitment to deeply immersing themselves in your processes before recommending solutions
✓ Robust training resources and plans to drive user adoption
✓ Reliable support staff to optimize the system as you grow
✓ A consulting partnership mentality – not just another tech vendor

Steer clear of any partner exhibiting these red flags:

✗ Zero customisation capabilities and only offering out-of-the-box CRM
✗ Little to no relatable experience in your industry
✗ Lack of comprehensive training, leaving you to rely on third-party resources
✗ Implementation staff speaking in code with tech jargon you can’t understand
✗ Pushing software without first understanding your unique business needs

Ultimately, you want a true partner willing to go the extra mile to understand your business inside and out. An ideal partner should feel like an extension of your own team, aligned with your vision and driving your success.

Take the Next Step

I could keep rambling about why the right CRM partner is so game-changing, but it’s time for you to experience the difference for yourself. If you’re ready to revolutionize your business operations and lay the groundwork for sustainable growth, connect with us today.

Let’s explore whether we’re the perfect match to be your strategic CRM partner through our consultative approach. We want to listen and understand your challenges before recommending a tailored solution to drive efficiency and revenue. The path to transformative success starts here.

Talk soon…
John Makras
Informatix Pty Ltd

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