marketing tactics

When you hear the word “marketing tactics”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

If you’re like most business owners and managers, you’ve probably got one main marketing initiative where you focus the bulk of your time, money, and energy. Check out this great article about Marketing strategy vs tactics – why the difference matters.

Some companies might have two, three, or even four marketing tactics, but most of those approaches are separate elements that focus on different demographics or products.

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Special Offer from Informatix: Email Responsive Template

When it comes to best practices for email marketing, responsive design is top of the list. As of this year, more than 65 percent of your audience is opening email on a mobile device—and responsive design ensures that no matter how your contacts read your marketing messages, they’re enjoying a seamless experience.

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Why AIDA is Still Relevant to Your Marketing

With today’s marketing strategies focusing on exciting website design, mountains of social media, and innovative strategies with the hopes of standing out in a crowded marketplace, it’s easy to forget the basic principles of advertising that still serve as the foundation for everything you do. However, turning to the basics can help you refine even your boldest tactics for greater success.

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