Does Your Site Meet Google’s Mobile-friendly Requirements?

Does Your Site Meet Googleu2019s Mobile friendly Requirements?

After Google announced that it was changing its search algorithm (yet again), panic unsurprisingly ensued—but making the switch to a mobile-friendly site isn’t as daunting as it sounds. If you’ve already implemented your redesign, or if you’d like to test your existing site, here’s how to can tell if your site meets Google’s new mobile-friendly requirements.

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How Gmail’s New Tabbed Inbox is Affecting Open Rates

How Gmail's New Tabbed Inbox is Affecting Open Rates

A few months ago, Gmail introduced a new feature that stirred up panic among email marketers: a tabbed interface that removes marketing messages from the user’s main inbox. The new Gmail defaults to three separate tabs: Primary, Social, and Promotions. And since Google is very good at sorting and categorizing things, it’s a sure bet that any email marketing message will end up shunted to that unappealing final tab.

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How Do Google’s New SEO Rules Affect You?


For a long time, search engine optimization has been one of the primary marketing tools for any business with a website. There are more studies, techniques, and advice geared toward SEO strategies than just about any other type of Internet marketing. Businesses and web designers use these strategies to move sites to the top of search engine results, and many seem to have a handle on SEO at last.

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