How Do Google’s New SEO Rules Affect You?


For a long time, search engine optimization has been one of the primary marketing tools for any business with a website. There are more studies, techniques, and advice geared toward SEO strategies than just about any other type of Internet marketing. Businesses and web designers use these strategies to move sites to the top of search engine results, and many seem to have a handle on SEO at last.

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SEO for eCommerce Category Pages

Has Facebook Changed the Face of SEO?

Search engine optimization doesn’t just apply to your landing page, blog, and the “About” page of your business. Every piece of content on your website is crawled by Google and other search engines, and gets factored into how their algorithms rank your site. That means a few poorly-optimized pages – such as long, boring lists of products on otherwise empty category pages – can drag down your ranking, bringing a site that might otherwise have appeared on the first page of Google results to the second page, third, or worse.

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