How Search Term Trends Can Help Your Business

In 2012, search engine giant Google tracked over 1.2 trillion searches in nearly 150 languages to come up with Zeitgeist 2012, their list of the year’s most popular search terms and trends.

Not surprisingly, topping the lists were a lot of pop culture references and world news items, from Whitney Houston to Hurricane Sandy.

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Hot Web Design Trends

How does contemporary web design differ from the trends of the past few years? Today’s styles are ranging toward bigger, more colorful, and more dynamic. Below are six of the top website design trends we’re seeing in corporate, personal, and organizational pages:

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Blogging Trends and Figures for 2011

Blogs are considered one of the most powerful online marketing tools for modern businesses—and with good reason. An entertaining, relevant, and well-written blog puts fresh search engine fodder on your company’s website weekly (or daily), spiking traffic to your pages. A steady flow of quality content also establishes you as an expert in your field, engaging existing and prospective clients while providing information people can really use.

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