Top 6 Proven Under-the-Radar Marketing Tactics

When you hear the word “marketing tactics”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

If you’re like most business owners and managers, you’ve probably got one main marketing initiative where you focus the bulk of your time, money, and energy. Check out this great article about Marketing strategy vs tactics – why the difference matters.

Some companies might have two, three, or even four marketing tactics, but most of those approaches are separate elements that focus on different demographics or products.

Which Marketing Strategy is Best?

In the modern age of online marketing, as print starts to lose popularity and communication goes digital, many companies have difficulty determining the best ways to reach their customers and get the word out about the services and products they provide. Should you go with an online, social media-based strategy, or continue to focus on the magazine and newsprint ads that have always worked in the past?

At Informatix, we believe you don’t have to make a choice. The most effective approaches combine elements of old and new, integrating multimedia marketing strategies into a single, cohesive plan that encompasses both traditional and modern ways to make an impact and connect with customers..

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Combining New and Old Marketing Tactics

Why choose one or the other when a combination is usually the most effective approach? Below are just some of the tactics we recommend to our clients when designing custom marketing strategies:

1. Direct Mail: It’s tried, tested, and true. Direct mail fliers, special offers, and newsletters still get attention.

2. Email Newsletters: Although e-newsletters have a more limited scope than print news, they’re more widely opened and read, and can provide direct links to sales pages on your website or time-sensitive offers.

3. Gadgets and Freebies: Whether you hand out branded items at events where your company has a presence, or offer informational materials like DVDs and eBooks to your prospects, giveaways are a great way to get your foot in the door and reach people.

4. Visits: Unsolicited drop-ins or appointment-based visits to customers (and prospects) can be an effective way to share information about your services and boost repeat business.

5. Telemarketing: Even in the Internet age, telemarketing calls remain an effective way to set up appointments and close sales.

6. Social Media: Today’s most popular social media websites are a powerful way to promote your brand and get greater visibility among the web 2.0 generation.

A combination of direct and indirect marketing is usually the most effective way to create buzz for your business, and a combination of new and old will reach the widest demographic.

Have we piqued your interest? Call to speak with one of our marketing and branding consultants at Informatix today.

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