Drip Feed Email Campaigns: Do They Really Work?

Drip feed email campaigns, also known as lead nurturing programs, are a series of marketing messages designed to be sent to prospects at certain intervals, with each message building on the previous one. These types of campaigns are usually delivered through autoresponders to customers who have opted in through a landing page or subscription form. But how effective are they?

When used correctly, drip marketing can achieve powerful results. The keys to a successful drip feed email campaign are content, timing, and targeted segmentation.

Nurturing leads the right way

An autoresponder drip campaign relies on a gradual build of information and escalating value to convert leads into sales. The important factors in this type of marketing are:

  • Content: Each piece in a drip feed email campaign should follow the rules of emarketing: they must be attractive, concise, informative, interesting, and actionable. In addition, each piece should add something to the previous piece, instead of rehashing the same message.
  • Timing: In a drip campaign, timing is essential. You can’t send out a blast of messages at close intervals, but you also can’t wait too long between emails—or your recipients will have forgotten the previous message. A good rule of thumb is to send drip emails once per week, or every six days to give the illusion of weekly emails.
  • Targeted segmentation: Just as in your usual email marketing, drip campaigns should be written with the target audience in mind. You wouldn’t send the same series of emails to new prospects as you would existing customers—so keep that in mind when crafting your messages.

When to use drip email strategies

Lead nurturing campaigns can be useful for a variety of marketing goals:

  • Top-of-mind strategies to keep new prospects reminded about your business, so they’ll think of you when they’re ready to buy
  • Educational series that offer valuable information your customers can use right away—which feed into top-of-mind strategies
  • Competitive campaigns that outline the benefits of choosing your product or service over your competitors
  • Promotional messages for short-term, limited discounts, sales, and blowouts
  • Re-engagement campaigns crafted to earn repeat business or revive cold leads

Informatix helps you succeed

Want to take advantage of the power of drip feed email campaigns, but not sure where to start? At Informatix, we’ll design, launch, and track lead nurturing campaigns that deliver increased customer engagement and fantastic ROI. Contact us to learn more about our e-marketing services.


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