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Clarify Your Message and Boost Your Marketing Power

Marketing Power – Did you make any business resolutions for the New Year? Whether you’re gearing up for a new product release or settling in for the long haul with a mature business model, there’s always room for growth and improvement.Informatix offers a range of services customized to suit the needs of real businesses just…

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Professional Copywriting Boosts Your Image

4 Ways Professional Copywriting Boosts Your Image

When visitors arrive at your website, your amazing graphics and slick layout might grab their attention, but it’s your copywriting that will convince them to stay—or send them clicking away to your competitors. Here’s 4 Ways Professional Copywriting Boosts Your Image.

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The one New Year’s Resolution you should make for 2018

What a year for the world of digital marketing! Social videos became the norm (even on LinkedIn). Temporary content took off with Stories and Live. Artificial intelligence became the newest addition to the marketing toolkit. And then there was Amazon. Here at Informatix, we’ve had a lot to celebrate as a company, as well as…

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Using Stock Photos Legally

Using Stock Photos Legally

Stock photos are a great way to make your website, blog, newsletter, and other marketing materials stand out. However, if you’re not aware of the legalities surrounding the use of stock photos, you could find yourself having to take down the photos and start over with your website—or even paying hefty fines.

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Under-the-Radar Marketing Tactics

When you hear the word “marketing”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If you’re like most business owners and managers, you’ve probably got one main marketing initiative where you focus the bulk of your time, money, and energy. Some companies might have two, three, or even four marketing tactics, but most of those…

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