Visual CRM – The Number 1 Way To Run A Successful Business

Nobody ever said running your own business isn’t easy. If it was something just anyone could do, there wouldn’t be such a high failure rate when it comes to new businesses. At the same time, smart business owners who leverage the right tools have a much better chance of seeing their company flourish and grow. One invaluable tool for business growth is customer relationship management technology (CRM); when it comes to the most effective, visual CRM is the gold standard.

Not all visual CRM platforms are created equal.

That being said, not all visual CRM platforms are created equal. It’s one thing to collect consumer data – it’s another thing altogether to analyze it properly and then present it in a way that can be understood and used to alter your business strategies for the better. That’s why one of the best visual CRM platforms out there today is undoubtedly Canvas for Zoho CRM. Here’s what you need to know.

Visual CRM: A Great Tool, But Missing Some  Serious Components

Visual CRM platforms are absolutely integral to the proper functioning of any customer-facing business – in other words, just about every business out there. Being able to access details about each of your customers in a searchable database that can be amended whenever necessary means you can keep track of each customer’s previous purchases and any other information that’s relevant to your particular business sector – a veterinarian’s office needs to know the type of pets a customer has, how many there are, their names, and so on, for example.

At the same time, visual CRM platforms have been missing some integral components for a long time. Ease of CRM platform use is a perennial struggle, as being able to access and modify even visual databases can be difficult for many staff members. You shouldn’t need a background in programming or database management just to get the most out of your company’s visual CRM, after all! Rigid, overly complex design does little but slow down use, limit adoption, and reduce the effectiveness of the platform in general.

A Revolutionary Approach to Visual CRM

It’s time to shut the door on bad visual CRM design. Canvas represents a new era of CRM design, one that is as intuitive to use as it is practical. While many visual CRM platforms have interface designs that require high degrees of technical knowledge in order to use and configure, Canvas focuses instead on simple, no-code use that capitalizes on drag-and-drop functionality, aesthetics, and the creation of mindful and usable designs. This makes Canvas much less than just a simple visual CRM platform – it’s more accurate to describe it as a fully-fledged CRM design studio.

With Canvas, never again do you have to worry about whether sales personnel are going to need extensive training with your CRM platform before being able to use it effectively. Additionally, because of the universal nature of Canvas, it’s perfectly adaptable to more than one type of market sector – making it perfect for every industry under the sun. It’s the first true visual CRM platform where data meets design and results in a truly revolutionary experience.

Better Understanding through Data Visualisation

Customer data is great. In fact, it’s completely priceless, as it can easily reveal to you the kind of sales trends that you need to improve your products and services. This makes customer data an absolutely invaluable tool for driving new customer conversions and retaining existing customers. Without the right data, you’re flying blind – and that’s no way to run a customer-focused business – not if you’re looking to grow that business and drive your organization’s profitability.

At the same time, customer data is next to useless unless you can understand what you’re looking at. Raw figures don’t always reveal as much as they could, which is why good platforms like Canvas for Zoho CRM don’t just collect customer data points – they also present them visually in ways that can be instantly understood. Seeing a graph of customer activity over time makes it instantly recognizable when a trend is occurring, allowing you to either capitalize on a positive trend or take steps to mitigate a negative one.


Selling Smarter, Better, Faster, and Easier

Here at Informatix, we eat our own dog food. In other words, we don’t just design customer relationship management solutions – we use them every day, in every aspect of our business. It wasn’t long before we identified the issues faced by companies trying to get the job done with a rigid CRM that worked in theory but provided a complex experience that was a barrier to adoption, sometimes creating little more than frustration in anyone who tried to use that CRM.

That’s why we knew we were on to something when we overhauled our own CRM with an eye towards a simpler and more contextual approach. But we didn’t stop there – we went even further and began developing tools to provide the highest levels of customization without adding complexity, making Zoho one of the most agile and easy-to-use visual CRMs on the market today. The end result? Canvas, the CRM design studio that makes doing business smarter, better, and faster as easy as it’s ever been.

Visual CRM

Ready for Prime Time

You won’t get far without a visual CRM platform for your company to leverage. However, you owe it to your staff to provide them with a platform that’s more than just a database – they deserve something that’s accessible, easy to understand, and that can be customized without having to understand advanced coding.

If you’ve had enough of struggling with your current visual CRM and you’re tired of having to learn the complexities of a platform just to do simple tasks, it’s time for a switch. Canvas for Zoho CRM is the solution to all your visual CRM platform needs. Learn more about this revolutionary approach to customer relationship management today!

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