Video Promotion: The 3x Boost To Client Engagement and SEO Rankings

Need more sales? How about more people seeing your brand, and even experiencing the ‘feeling’ of your brand story?

Video is the most powerful marketing tool used today. And the incredible growth in mobile use and social media consumption have only made video more vital for making your message heard.

Harness the power of video promotion

Social media is a game-changer for marketing – and one of the greatest reasons that video has become a powerful promoter of your brand.

Social media has essentially created the need for “content marketing”, which is the production and sharing of online material, such as videos, blogs, and social media posts –purely for customer engagement.

In this new marketing landscape, brand storytelling has taken centre stage, allowing businesses to connect with their customers in powerful, compelling ways. And video is the ideal tool to achieve this. By 2019, SmallBizTrends predicts video will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic. Meanwhile, Facebook users average 8 billion video views per day, reported by Social Media Today.


The emerging trend of “multiscreening” has also created compelling reasons to use video. A Facebook study found a massive 94% of participants kept a smartphone on hand while watching TV. The study also found that viewers focused on the TV screen just 53% of the time, with their smartphone being one of the main attention-diverters.

Called “multiscreening”, this way of consuming media means highly engaging video is vital to compete for attention.

Meanwhile, the study also found that Millennials are the first generation to spend more time on mobile than live TV. With video posts on Facebook having 135% greater organic reach than photo posts (Social Media Today), it’s another pressing reason to harness the power of engaging video marketing content.

Use video promotion to boost your search engine ranking

Google loves video. The goal of its search algorithms is to give people interesting and useful content – content they need and want. And for the majority, video is the most effective medium for education and entertainment.

So, paying close attention to the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your videos will pay huge dividends.

  • Ensure your video has a well-written and relevant description
  • Tag your video with keywords
  • Create engaging content, which people want to view and share – this tells Google your content is worth ranking highly

Here’s a great educational video production example from Youtube.

Engage clients and fuel your sales funnel

There’s no doubting that video is a powerful sales tool.

Including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%, reveals Unbounce. And after watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online, says Hubspot.

The typical sales funnel has three phases, each of which requires customer engagement of different kinds.

Phase #1: PR

This phase is for people who don’t know you exist. We need to show them your brand many times, to gain familiarity and trust. The most powerful video content types in this phase are testimonial videos, content in which other people talking about your business, and plenty of engaging social media marketing videos to share the story of your brand.

Phase #2: Education

Once people are familiar with your brand, but have not yet bought from you, it is time to nurture them into clients. In this phase, we need to deliver to them educational videos, video tutorials, tips and tricks, and informative videos which help them to solve their problem.

Phase #3: Sales

Once potential clients know and trust your brand, it’s time to encourage them to buy. At this phase, the effective video promotion content includes strong and urgent calls to action, sales and special offers, compelling reasons to buy, and information about how to buy.

Your Video Promotion & Production Company

Video is the most powerful marketing tool used today. It’s never been more important to choose a video production company that understands this new marketing landscape, with your business goals front of mind.

Talk to us today about harnessing the power of video marketing for your business.