10 Most Common e-Newsletter Mistakes

To ensure that your e-newsletter is well-received and compliant with all laws and best practices, avoid these common sending slip-ups:

  1. Not getting permission: Has every person on your distribution list submitted their email address and asked to receive correspondence from you? If you haven’t received permission to send your newsletter to an address, then don’t send it.
  2. Sending spaced-out messages: How often should you send an e-newsletter? The right answer will depend on your industry, your goals, and your audience, but sending shorter messages more often is usually most effective. A weekly or monthly e-newsletter is almost always a more powerful marketing tool than an annual mailing.
  3. Making them yawn: Does your e-newsletter open with an eye-catching discount, or does it just have a lackluster welcome message? Cut out the filler and only include content that will get customers and prospects excited about your offerings.
  4. Using group talk: Your readers aren’t collective, so don’t address them as agroup. To keep your content engaging, compose it as if you’re speaking to a singlereader.
  5. Making it one-sided: The most effective newsletters require some kind of action or response from the reader. Whether you’re encouraging them to comment on a blog post or click a link for a special discount, don’t miss the chance to engage your customers.
  6. Getting flagged as spam: Does your newsletter get kicked into users’ junk folders? If so, you might want to reconsider the format in which you’re sending it or the service you’re using for delivery.
  7. Mobile (in)accessibility: If you’re ignoring Blackberry, iPhone, and Android phone users, you’re missing a huge section of your demographic! Make sure that your newsletters are readable on a range of mobile devices.
  8. Ad blindness: Don’t display the same ads in the same positions each time, or readers will quickly tune them out. Keep your marketing varied and engaging.
  9. Email only: The highest-performing newsletters are offered in a web-based text format as well as email.
  10. Analytics: Are you tracking and monitoring the results of your email newsletter? If not, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to understand what works for your customers and what doesn’t, and to fine-tune future mailings for better results.

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