All “About Us”: Introducing New Prospects to Your Business

How much time did you spend writing your website’s “About Us” page? If you’re like most business owners, you focused first on your Home page, then on the other pages of your site. The About page often gets put on the back burner and seems less important. After all, who really wants to read about you, anyway?

More people than you might think. Your customers and prospects want to know who you are and why they should trust you with their business and their hard-earned money, so this page of your site plays a crucial role in establishing credibility and strengthening your brand.

Designing an Effective “About Us” Page

What steps should you take to ensure a compelling, informative About page that will meet your customers’ needs?

  1. Include all the basic information: What do your clients really need to know? Start with your history and credentials, and work up from there. If your location is important, state it plainly, and include several contact methods for people who want to learn more.
  2. Make it accessible: Whether you do this by adding personal details about your staff or in another way, accessibility is key. The tone and style of your writing says a lot to people who may be debating about whether or not to contact you— keep it warm and friendly, yet professional.
  3. Keep it short: No one wants to read a five-page biography of the company’s founder, and it’s a proven fact that online readers have a shorter attention span. Keep it short, sweet, and engaging.
  4. Focus on benefits: Rather than loading down your About page with biographies, focus on the benefits you deliver to customers. That’s what prospective clients really want to know, not where your receptionist went to school.
  5. Get personal: Adding information about your staff’s families, hobbies, and non-work-related interests turns you from corporate zombies into real human beings. Final touches, such as links to personal blogs or social networking accounts, can make your staff seem more “human” and approachable.
  6. Take a great photo: Never underestimate the power and value of a good photograph! Natural but professional photos can make the difference between someone picking up the phone to call you, or moving on to another business offering the same services as yours. Most online shoppers are extremely visual; use this to your advantage by including at least one excellent photo.

Building a successful website requires a combination of great design and optimised writing that takes your customers’ needs into account. How does yours measure up?


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