Video Email: The Way of the Future?

We’ve talked about the benefits of adding live video to your website to draw visitors in and engage them. But how about video in email? New marketing strategies from industry leaders show¬†that email videos may be the way of the future – or even the present.

Turner Sports leads the way with PGA Championship videos

Turner Sports’ website relies heavily on video, and so did the company’s recent campaign to draw more attention to the site’s features surrounding the PGA Tour. With its usual email blasts, Turner inserted video clips of live footage from the major golf tournament to grab readers’ attention and draw people to their site, where advertising earns most of the income associated with the event.

Video boosts (CTR) click-through rate by 20%

What were the results of this new email strategy? Turner tested the new video email campaign in 2009 by sending it to only 20% of its email membership – and found a dramatic 20% increase in the click-through rate compared to those emails sent without video. What could you do with a 20% increase in email click-throughs?

Bandwidth problems, cost, and email account restrictions have kept most companies from actively pursuing email video, but the improvement in mobile devices and email tools in the past two years have made it a profitable reality for many companies. How about you?


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