When Is Telemarketing the Right Choice?

If the idea of telemarketing makes you think of cold calls and surveys, you should know there’s a lot more to this lucrative industry. Read on for some of the most effective ways in which picking up the phone can lead to a pickup in business:

Although there is a lot of business to be gained online, the “old school” approaches still work, and continue to be a vital component of running a thriving modern business. We believe that newsletters, billboard ads, and “snail mail” all have their place in a comprehensive business plan.

The most important tool that many companies overlook while they’re chasing Internet prospects is the phone.

  • Lead Generation: Sales teams can accomplish more conversions in a shorter period of time if they are provided with qualified leads generated via telemarketing.
  • Sales: From products to services to seminars, telemarketing is a common method of selling to cold leads, hot leads, or existing customers.
  • Appointment setting: An appointment is one of the surest ways to make a sale, so appointment setting is integral to almost every industry or business field.
  • Follow up: Follow up calls are one of the most effective ways to optimize on a big presentation or sales meeting, or to pursue prospects or offer additional information.telemarketing-communicate-effetively
  • Market research: From targeted surveys to mass market research, telemarketing makes it possible to access widespread information and perspectives quickly and efficiently.
  • Collections: Every business deals with outstanding invoices and tardy accounts. Telemarketing is an effective way to recoup business losses and get paid.
  • Account reactivation: Contact information and databases quickly fall out of date if customers don’t purchase for a few months or years. Reactivation calls enable you to sell to former customers, update contact info, or delete them from old, unused files.

Ready to pick up the phone and give telemarketing a try? Contact Informatix today to learn more about our custom telemarketing services.

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