Limited Offer: Responsive Email Template Design Only $295

A special limited time offer from Informatix…

In today’s crowded digital world, it’s harder than ever to grab the attention of your audience. Email marketing is still one of the most powerful tools available—but it’s only effective if your emails stand out from the crowd.

Transform your outdated, tired emails into responsive and beautiful marketing pieces with custom email design services from Informatix—just $295 for a limited time!

Reap the benefits of responsive design

Emails aren’t just opened on desktop browsers anymore. More consumers are relying on their devices for everything from checking email, to banking and shopping—and the email open rate for mobile devices is around 66 percent.

The problem for marketers is the wide variety of mobile platforms and screen sizes. If your email doesn’t display correctly on a mobile device, it’s likely to get deleted unread.

Responsive design solves this problem beautifully. With a responsively designed email template, your emails will be shown correctly regardless of the device or platform it’s being viewed on—so it will look equally fantastic on desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

What’s more:

Responsive design increases unique clicks for mobile users by nearly 15 percentThe first link in a responsive design mobile email has a 30 percent higher click-through rate than non-responsive designLess than 12 percent of email newsletters currently use a responsive design template

Boost Conversions and Sales with Stunning Responsive Design

With responsive design, you’ll truly stand out from the competition.

Don’t miss your opportunity to dazzle your customers

Informatix is now offering complete email design services for just $295—but only for the first 25 customers who take advantage of this opportunity in the next 14 days (Valid until 31st March 2015)

Take your email marketing to the next level. Contact Informatix today to sign up for stunning, responsively designed email that delivers results for your business.


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