Should Your Business Have an Ezine?

Ezines, short for e-magazines, can be excellent tools for building an opt-in list and keeping customers engaged and informed. Often similar to newsletters in terms of content, an ezine usually contains informative articles, tips, and company news and announcements.

However, the format of an ezine is different. Newsletters are often text-only, but most ezines feature a lot of graphics, images, and elaborately designed, interactive content. Company brochures can also be designed as ezines and sent via email to your lists.

The benefits of ezines for businesses

  • Visual appeal. A professionally designed ezine will attract a large number of subscribers, based on aesthetic appearance alone. Providing quality content will help you keep subscribers.
  • Interaction. Ezines offer higher levels of interactivity, with the ability to include clickable links, images, polls or surveys, and even flash content.
  • Easy tracking. Since ezines are sent via email, you can implement analytics to track clicks, subscriber activity, and more.
  • Top-of-mind marketing. Like newsletters, a regularly published ezine helps keep your business at the forefront of customers’ and prospects’ minds, so you’ll be the first company they think of when they need your products or services.
  • Low cost. Ezines are inexpensive to produce and deliver, especially when compared to print magazines.

Get started with your own professional ezine

A weekly, monthly, or quarterly ezine is a cost-effective way to build awareness, strengthen your marketing contacts, and keep customers up to date on your business without spamming them with advertising. If you’d like more information on how Informatix can help you develop stunning ezines and attention-getting e-brochures, please contact us today.

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