Strengthen Your Social Media With Quality Content & Imagery

You already know the importance of creating strong social media pages for your business – but how are you driving traffic to those properties? If you just have generic Facebook and Twitter logos on your site’s home page, you need a more thoughtful strategy. Strengthen your social media marketing.

Social Media Content Writing & Banner Design

As the gateway to your online presence, your social media image banner should be polished, eye-catching, and customised to complement your brand. It should create a sense of excitement, give the customer an idea of what they’ll find on your social media pages, and assure them that the experience will be worth the click.

At Informatix, we design all types of digital assets, including social media banners. Most recently, we created the new Facebook banner for Lorella, a women’s comfort footwear brand. We also offer social media content writing to keep your communities fresh, informative and vibrant. Contact us to find out how we can transform your social presence from ordinary to inspiring.

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