The Unified Customer Experience – 5 Things To Focus On

In today’s technology landscape, your customers’ attentions are divided across multiple channels, platforms, and devices—and as a result, your marketing strategy may be just as splintered.

Customer Experience should be your number 1 priority. This makes getting noticed in a crowded landscape much harder for your business. But you can increase your company’s visibility, heighten brand awareness, and capture more sales with a unified customer experience. Check out this great article from McKinsey & Company.

1. Consistent messaging

A unified marketing strategy delivers consistent messaging for your brand across every channel, through every medium. This strategy uses integrated marketing techniques to ensure that all of your collateral is on the same page, and prevent brand dilution through mixed messaging.

2. Merge your marketing channels

With the growing complexity of media and marketing channels, a unified customer experience enables you to streamline your marketing campaigns and deliver consistency throughout the customer lifecycle.

A unified strategy lets you integrate traditional and digital channels, with a range of tools and solutions that can help you extend the reach and effectiveness of campaigns.

The Unified Customer Experience

3. Open a dialogue

Today’s consumers expect companies to be accessible and approachable. With a unified marketing strategy, integrated social media channels allow you to build a dialogue with your customers and prospects to improve relationships and boost visibility.

This facet of integration also lets you collect valuable data like customer feedback, product reviews, and comments or complaints that can be directly integrated with your marketing systems to provide actionable results.

4. Break the silos

Organisational silos occur when data is collected by disparate sections of the company and not shared effectively. For instance, one department may use customer names and mailing addresses to plan campaigns, while another might use only email addresses.

With a unified approach to the customer experience, all of your internal resources are drawing from the same data. Information is shared easily and efficiently, and your staff can more readily identify customer needs and preferences to create stronger campaigns.

5. Seamless consistency

Communicating with your customers in a consistent way is crucial to the success of your marketing. In businesses without a unified strategy, customers often receive mixed messages about the brand and the company, resulting in confusion and lost opportunities.

Implementing a unified marketing strategy ensures that your customers enjoy a consistent experience across every channel, and helps you build a loyal customer base.

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