4 Business Website Types: Which is Right for You?

All business websites aren’t created equal… nor should they be! We’ve broken it down to four major types of corporate and commercial sites, each appropriate for different kinds of businesses and customers. Which of these describes your site? Which would be the best fit for you?

1. E-Commerce:

Do you sell a product or service and take payments through your site? Then you have an e-commerce website.

2. Lead Generation:

If your website funnels potential clients to call, email, or visit you in person so you can make a sale, then it’s a lead generation site.

3. Branding:

Branding websites aren’t so much about enticing customers to buy your product online or call you for more information. Instead, they focus on putting your name and face out there and building a reputation, indirectly bringing in more sales as your visibility grows.

4. Informative:

Last but not least, informative websites provide a platform for companies to share information about their products, services, and industry, without directly promoting sales. An informative site with articles, videos, or audio recordings is the perfect option if you have a product that requires extensive manuals or instructions for use, or if you find yourself answering the same training questions again and again. They can also bring in new business if someone stumbles across your training materials online and contacts you for more information, but that isn’t their primary purpose.

Which of these website types is the best fit for your company? That will depend on the nature of your product or service and on how you run your business. Whichever you choose, know that there are dozens of options and variations for each, and all kinds of innovative ways to stamp your website with your own unique brand and personality.


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