4 Elements of a Successful Online Brand

What makes an online brand a success… or a failure? In our experience, there are four main elements that contribute to a powerful and effective ecommerce brand.

  1. Voice: Just as important as what your brand represents is how that message is conveyed to your audience. Voice encompasses the tone and theme of your communications and language, which directly impacts how customers and prospects perceive you. Is your voice distinctive? Appealing? Consistent? The way you talk to consumers forms the core of your online branding identity.
  2. Design: Also vitally important is the visual component of your brand: your logo, the colors and layout of your website, your advertising, and any other distinctive design elements. It’s important that your visual elements match the “voice” of your brand, or customers may get confused. It’s also vital that your online image corresponds with your products and/or services.
  3. Value: It’s impossible to place your product’s value without a thorough understanding of the marketplace and where you stand in relation to your competitors. If your product is better designed and longer-lasting than anyone else’s, but sells for four times the price, is that good value? Value also depends on customer perception, and is an important component of branding and longevity.
  4. Difference: What sets your products, services, and company apart from other, similar businesses? That’s your brand. Your distinguishing factor is what determines why people should buy from you, rather than from your competitors. In ecommerce, where everything is available at the click of a mouse, it’s critical to define what makes you different and special.

Combining these four qualities into one cohesive brand is what makes your website, logo, and online persona stand out—and will affect the kinds of clients you attract and the loyalty of those who purchase your products and services.

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