Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Are They Still Relevant?

Customer satisfaction surveys are an age old method of gathering customer feedback. But as media increasingly focuses on bite-sized information, many businesses have come to believe that satisfaction surveys are more than their customers can chew.

However, this classic technique can still provide you with valuable insights that improve the way you do business.

The Benefits of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Whether they like you or not, each and every one of your customers has an opinion about your brand, the products or services you provide, and the people who work for you. Surveys are an ideal way to tap into those opinions and harness them to improve your standing with consumers.

A well-designed survey can help you:

  • Create new services or products based on the needs of your customers
  • Improve your customer retention
  • Track brand loyalty and word of mouth referrals
  • Anticipate upcoming trends

But in order to make the most of this format, you have to send your customers the right survey.

Making Surveys Easy & Enjoyable

Informatix specializes in surveys that are both simple to navigate and attractively designed. We use a clean, professional design that incorporates your branding into an intuitive layout.

Poorly written questions are a common problem among satisfaction surveys. Customers are often confused, frustrated, or simply bored. We’ll work with you to choose targeted, well-constructed questions that boost response rates and get to the heart of your customer’s needs.

People love to share their opinions, and with your customers, you should expect no less. By working with Informatix, you can tap into this natural drive to share feedback with an elegantly designed, masterfully worded satisfaction survey.

Make the Most of Your Data

But what happens once your customer completes the survey? It’s time to analyze the data and translate it into actionable information.

Survey statisticians at Informatix can provide in-depth analysis of your survey to help you make timely business decisions. We’ll examine response times, completion rates, and the unique statistics for each and every question.

This data will be presented to you in an easily digestible format, whether you prefer spreadsheets, graphs, or another presentation style. This service will prepare you to target your efforts and make the most of your customer satisfaction surveys.

Expanded Services from Informatix

Satisfaction surveys don’t stop with your customers. You may be interested in surveying your employees to gauge their job satisfaction and how they feel about the company. We also provide panel surveys for companies looking to perform market research.

Contact us today for all of your survey needs, and put your information to good use with well-managed online surveys from Informatix.


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