The Dynamic Duo: Personalisation & Automation

If you’re hesitating on taking the leap to marketing automation, chances are you have one big concern in mind: the customer experience. After all, what good is a marketing strategy if it doesn’t work for your customers?

But here’s the good news: marketing automation is actually the best way to create a personalised strategy for your customers. Here’s how you can use this innovative tool to craft a unique experience for each of your customers.

What is marketing automation?

When we think of automatic communications, we think of boilerplate language and impersonality. But that’s actually the opposite of modern automation techniques.

Automation and personalisation have one thing in common: they’re both deeply rooted in data. The more information you have about someone, the more automated you can make their experience. It just so happens that you can also make their experience more individualized as a result.

With marketing automation, you can customise emails, web pages, and more to their shopping habits, their interests, and their specific demographic.

Personalisation – Understanding your customer

There are several key facts can learn about your customers during this process. These facts are grouped into two groups: demographic information and their behavioral data.

Demographic data is personal information, like their birthday, occupation, marital status, location, et cetera. Their behavior is defined by how they navigate your web page or their email. Which emails did they open? How long were they on a product page? Did they like your latest post on social media?

Informatix can help you collect this data and begin formulating your marketing automation strategy. We use website and event tracking to log each contact you have with your customer and create customised marketing plans.

Putting your knowledge into practice

This information can be put into practice in several ways. On the smallest scale, Informatix can help you create targeted lists based on demographic or behavioral data that allows you to send personalised emails and letters to these groups.

You can use these emails to develop your leads into conversions by providing them with information or product updates based on their previous interests or needs. You can even adapt your webpage to a specific user, showing them dynamic content that’s based on their past interactions with your site.

On the sales side of things, Informatix can provide real-time updates and notifications that keep you aware of your customers actions. If they download a product guide, pricing sheet, or white paper, you’ll know about it. This allows you to make sales decisions quickly and establish long term relationships with your customers.

Automation is no longer a four letter word. Instead, it’s an intuitive, smart way of nurturing relationships and creating a more immersive experience for your customers. Informatix can provide all of these services and more, so contact us today to discuss how we can help you meet your marketing goals.


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