How Going Back to Basics Helps You Sell More? 3 Questions You Need To Ask

Back To Basics. The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving, and many marketers are focused on finding the next big thing.

Shiny new platforms, channels, and opportunities continually encourage digital marketers to adopt more advanced strategies.

For example, some of the hottest areas in online marketing right now include:

  • Big data:

    The opportunity to measure everything and gain precise insight into customer behaviours and untapped market areas—if you can sort through the massive volume and make sense out of it all

  • Social media:

    New platforms are launching, existing platforms are changing and evolving, and the “paid, earned, owned” mantra dominates the latest social regime

  • Blurred lines:

    Social media, content marketing, public relations, and other marketing disciplines are all blending together in a difficult-to-navigate digital soup

  • Complex communications:

    A vast array of tactical options complicate the already tangled omnichannel marketing ecosystem, forcing marketers into guesswork and trial and error

How much do you really need to invest

With rapidly expanding options and increasing complexity, the question for digital marketers becomes this: How much do you really need to invest in the latest craze? Or should you save yourself time, resources, and hassle by going back to basics?

Enable smarter decisions

There’s always an element of hit-or-miss in every marketing strategy. Rather than scrambling to try out all the new possibilities and risking little to no ROI, it’s better for modern digital marketers to take a step back and review the basics. Every organization’s goals and requirements change over time—and going too long without reassessing your core targets can lead to missing the mark entirely when you launch more complex marketing initiatives.

Take the time for a fresh evaluation of the most basic marketing elements, including these critical questions:

1.Who is your audience?

Are you still serving the same target demographics? Have their needs and desires changed? Are you meeting your true customers’ expectations?

2. What drives your conversions?

How does your target audience get information? What channels do they frequent? What are their preferences for interacting with a brand?

3. How do you measure results?

Are you using the right analytics to pinpoint marketing effectiveness and drive ROI? What are you currently measuring—or not measuring—and how should you change this strategy to align with your reevaluated core objectives?

Effective digital marketing begins with a solid foundation. Re-prioritize your strategies by going back to basics, and investing your resources and marketing dollars wisely to maximize your returns on the advanced tactics that will work best for your business.

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