How to Monetize Your Business with Micro-Outsourcing

Many modern companies are using outsourcing to cut costs, save time, and do business more efficiently. What you may not know is that you can start providing outsourced services as a way to add an extra revenue stream to your business—and you can generate this additional profit using your existing client base.

You don’t have to transform your business model to become an outsourcing provider. Instead, you can add micro-outsourcing to your list of services, and provide your customers with new or related services on a smaller scale than your main offerings.

What is micro-outsourcing?

While outsourcing provides project-based or long-term resources—such as staffing, IT solutions, and call center services—micro-outsourcing delivers additional services on an as-needed basis. There are a wide range of tasks and services that can be micro-outsourced, and tailored to match or complement your existing services and solutions.

How to get started

Chances are, you already have the potential and the foundation to start micro-outsourcing your services. Here at Informatix, we’ve found that since the global financial crisis, many of our larger customers have requested new or related services that we haven’t offered before.

One of the easiest ways to start micro-outsourcing is to listen to your customers and find out what they want. Keep track of customer requests that are slightly outside your usual offerings, and watch for patterns. If a few of your clients are clamoring for something, there’s probably a decent demand for it among the rest.

You can also ask customers directly what kind of per-need or a la carte services would interest them. A good way to do this is through online surveys.

Informatix can help you craft, implement, and collect results from online customer surveys that give you the information you need. Contact us to learn more about our survey solutions.

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