Inter-Connectivity: Are Your Systems Talking to Each Other?

Inter-Connectivity – Every company requires a number of systems to handle different aspects of the business. You’re likely to have systems for CRM, invoicing and accounting, support desk, email marketing, and more. But with the increasing use of cloud-based platforms and Software-as-a-Service, and a growing reliance on digital, how connected are your systems?


Manually inputting data from one system to another costs your business time and money. With true inter-connectivity, you can access, retrieve, and integrate information from any system with any other system—and set up automated integration options that streamline your business operations and keep everything up to date in real time.

Email marketing platforms from Informatix integrate fully with cloud-based and enterprise systems, delivering the automation you need to maintain business flow.

Our platform makes it easy to:

  • Build and integrate custom landing pages and subscription forms
  • Add and manage lists, contacts, users and more with a powerful API
  • Easily integrate social media with your email campaigns
  • Connect and exchange information with a comprehensive range of third-party services and platforms, including WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Google Analytics, Salesforce, FreshBooks, SurveyMonkey, and many more

Contact Informatix to learn more about our powerful platform integration that can save your business time and money, while greatly improving the performance of your email marketing campaigns.



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