Niche Online Branding

Branding is about more than slapping a fancy name on your product and whipping up a mission statement. To build a credible, recognizable online brand for your services and your company, you need to create an impression that fosters trust and familiarity in potential consumers — and that takes a special creativity and accountability that is missing from many “online brands”.

What’s the secret to genuine, meaningful online branding? The truth is that one branding strategy doesn’t fit all businesses—there are many effective approaches. One of the most powerful methods, however, is to target a specific niche that includes your ideal customer.

Why Niche Marketing Works

It might seem like you’d be losing out on potential customers by targeting a smaller market segment, but the opposite is true! When you create publicity and excitement around your products and target a specific population, they are much more likely to take an active interest and to purchase what you’re selling.

There’s a marketing truism that says you only need 1,000 true fans to be famous. Though it flies against the common perception, by directing your efforts at a smaller group of potential customers, you’ll actually attract more prospects and complete more sales.

Developing Niche Expertise

What does it take to become known as a niche expert? At Informatix, we advise our clients to begin by educating themselves as thoroughly as possible about the population in question and their interests. Then, you’ll be able to brand yourself as serving that niche by:

  1. Understanding the wants and needs of this particular population
  2. Representing their interests in your industry and in public
  3. Identifying the social media sites where they spend time, and becoming accessible there rather than on other websites not frequented by your niche customer
  4. Integrating your use of technology to adapt to your ideal customer’s comfort level
  5. Building a reputation among your target community

Branding is one part marketing strategy, one part creative flair, and one part great communication skills. With a lot of savvy and a little bit of luck, you can track down the ideal places to market your brand online and create a loyal following among the niche customers you really want for your business.


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