Online Surveys: The Key to Business Success

It may be true that customer service and client relations are the most important factors in the success of any business. Granted, no matter how good your product is, it won’t sell well if your sales reps are surly or your support department is lacking. But in today’s competitive marketplace, it takes more than polite, knowledgeable salespeople to boost sales—most companies spend thousands of dollars (and just as many hours) improving their marketing, customer service, and support.

The Missing Puzzle Piece

No matter how much effort you put into your customer relations, however, there’s one significant piece you might be missing without even knowing it. Can you substantiate the effect of your customer relations staff? Do you know which of your marketing initiatives have an impact on your sales or on customer loyalty, and what that impact is? Are you certain that the areas you’re focusing on are the ones that will best serve your brand and your business?

Unless you’re researching your customers’ responses, it’s impossible to find answers to any of those questions. And without real, accurate information, how can you know how you’re performing or what you should change?

Online Surveys Offer Concrete Information and Accurate Analytics

There are many ways to solicit the opinions and experiences of your customers: telemarketing surveys, mail questionnaires, and in-store offers contingent on feedback forms. But the most effective method in today’s business climate is online surveys. Customers get the chance to provide opinions at their leisure, and you can inexpensively and precisely monitor their feedback.

Businesses that are serious about customer satisfaction and customer retention conduct online surveys at least once a year—this is an invaluable way to get concrete information about how they are perceived and pinpoint areas for future improvements.professional_survey_design

Informatix Online Surveys, at Your Service

If you’re interested in learning more about online surveys or conducting one yourself, contact us anytime. We’d be happy to explain the process and provide more details about our services.

We’ll do everything from preparing your survey questions, sending survey invitations to your customers, summarizing and analyzing results, and managing the entire process from inception to reports. Or, if you’d prefer to have more control, we’ll provide as much guidance as you need to create and administer effective and illuminating surveys.

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