Protect Your Brand with Trademarks

With such fierce competition, branding your business is vital to your success. Have you trademarked the unique elements that make your company stand out? If not, you may be a target for copycat competition, which will dilute your brand and lessen the effectiveness of your message.


What, exactly, is a trademark?

You may have seen the ® symbol next to some company’s names, logos, tag lines, or product and service information. In Australia, this symbol means that you’ve registered a trademark with IP Australia, the intellectual property division of the Australian government.

This trademark symbol protects your brand, giving you the exclusive use of the unique images or phrases used by your business. With a trademark, you can also license your intellectual property to others for a fee, such as resellers or advertisers.

A trademark should be the first thing you secure when considering a new product, service, or business entity.

What can you trademark?

You can apply for a trademark for words or images that are unique to your business or brand. This includes your logo, company name, tag line, product packaging, service names and descriptions, and even some sounds and scents. With a trademark, you can legally obligate other individuals or entities using your intellectual property to remove it, and protect your brand’s integrity and individuality.

For more information on applying for trademarks, visit IP Australia online.

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