Your Response Time: Fast or Flagging?

The speed of your response to webform inquiries can be critical in qualifying more leads and growing your business. A study by measured the effectiveness of response times, and found that:

  • Responding to a web form inquiry within 5 minutes, versus within 30 minutes, increased the odds of contacting a lead by 100 times
  • The odds of qualifying a lead under the same circumstances increased by 21 times
  • After 20 hours, every attempt to contact actually harmed the contact rate further

How quickly does your sales team respond to web form inquiries? Many companies are failing to qualify leads, thanks to slow—or nonexistent—response times.

The shocking truth: Less than one-fourth respond with optimal times

The same study measured response times to web form inquiries by blind testing a number of companies. Their results were surprising:

  • Only 24.2 percent responded within 5 minutes
  • The average first response time for all surveyed companies was over 13 hours
  • The average second response time was more than 63 hours
  • 46.8 percent of companies never attempted a response to web form inquiries

Today’s web-savvy consumer base expects a fast online response. The longer you wait to follow up on your web form inquiries, the less likely you’ll be to convert visitors into customers. And if your business doesn’t respond at all, your reputation will suffer.

Achieve the golden 5-minute response time

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