Special Edition: Moving your business to the cloud

More companies are relying on the Internet and mobile devices than ever, and there’s a huge demand for cloud services. The cloud has grown beyond storage—now there are all kinds of software and business services that can be used through cloud platforms, and virtual reality has taken on far more significance.

What is “the cloud”?

This nebulous term refers to the collective data that is stored remotely—typically in large, secure, climate-controlled data centers or server farms—which end users can access online. Cloud files and programs can be used from any device with an Internet connection, with a password or other form of authentication.
Some examples of cloud services include online storage like Box, software-as-a-service (SaaS) programs like Microsoft’s Office 360, and Amazon’s digital product system.

The benefits of moving to the cloud

Cloud platforms and services offer several advantages over traditional systems. These include:

  • Cost. Software programs can run your business hundreds or thousands upfront, and hardware backup systems require a substantial investment as well as ongoing maintenance. With cloud storage and software, you pay only a low monthly fee, and no long-term contracts are required.
  • Easy maintenance and upgrades. Rolling out a new software platform for your business can be complicated and expensive. With cloud services, there are no interruptions in your business flow—you simply sign up and start using the software. There’s nothing to install, and upgrades are performed automatically by the cloud hosting company.
  • Flexibility. Cloud systems are highly scalable. You can use only the software and services you need, without having to pay for bandwidth, storage space, or programs you don’t use. Upgrading or downgrading cloud platforms is as simple as contacting the service provider and requesting the changes.

Read on to learn more about specific cloud platforms and services that are available to improve your business. If you’re planning a move to the cloud, contact Informatix today to find out what we can do for you.

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