What’s Your Sender Score?

According to the most recent data, 168 million emails are sent every 60 seconds. How many of them are yours? How about your company as a whole? Chances are, your business probably sends out hundreds of emails every day—many of them with important or time-sensitive information.

The big question is: How many of your emails are getting through?

Email deliverability should be an essential consideration for any business, both for crucial communications and for marketing purposes. Do you know your email marketing provider’s sender reputation score?

Return Path, a top analysis firm, provides information on sender reputation scores through SenderScore.org. This service rates IP addresses and URLs based on their trustworthiness, delivery rates, and spam content as compared to other email senders.

Informatix currently scores 99 out of 100 in sender reputation.

How reliable is your email marketing provider? Find out by plugging in the URL or IP address at Sender Score.


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