5 Reasons Email Marketing Trumps Traditional Advertising in Today’s Marketplace

There are plenty of marketing methods, but which is the best approach for promoting your products, services, or special offerings? These days, it’s all about the “E”. Email marketing is easy, effective, and economical. Below are the top 5 reasons that electronic messaging trumps traditional advertising:

The Top 5

  1. It’s Free. Promoting your business in newspapers, magazines, on billboards, or in TV commercial spots costs a pretty penny. So does advertising on other people’s websites 5 Reasons Email Marketing Trumps Traditional Advertising in Today’s Marketplacethrough Google AdSense or other online promoters. On the other hand, sending out your own e-newsletter mailing won’t cost you a dime (unless you use a paid email service, and even that will be a huge savings over traditional ad venues).
  2. It’s Versatile. Marketing experts know that the more common advertising becomes, the less people notice it. In the age of DVR and TiVo, who actually pays attention to TV commercials anymore? When was the last time you took notice of a billboard during your daily commute? Email marketing can be easily adapted to suit your brand and your style, so you can make the right impression and get your message noticed.
  3. It’s Paperless. These days, “going green” is a big concern for most customers and businesses. Email marketing saves trees, postage, and fuel costs in one fell swoop by sending an electronic message rather than a paper newsletter, making it the ultimate eco-friendly communication.
  4. It’s Interactive. A billboard or newspaper ad is an entirely one-sided message, but a well-conceived email can include moving links, animation, and even feedback forms that invite customers to get involved, have their say, and learn more about your brand in the process. By engaging recipients with your marketing, you’ll build loyalty, relevance, and revenue.
  5. It’s Mobile. Billboards have to stay where they’re built. Television ads can only be seen when people are sitting on their couch at just the right time. But thanks to mobile devices, huge numbers of people now access their email on the go – and your email newsletter or special promotion goes straight to their handheld, wherever they are. There’s no better way to put your products in the hands of your customers.
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