Are You Integrated?

Your email marketing system is a vital part of your business—but how well does it integrate? Using a branded marketing system that is clearly separate from your website, such as Aweber or Mailchimp, can make you appear sloppy and unprofessional.

At Informatix, we offer a flexible, easy-to-implement email marketing system that seamlessly integrates with your existing setup.

Flawless subscription forms

With our system, you can generate custom subscription forms that can be embedded into any page of your website and set URLs for redirection, including success, error, and awaiting opt-in URLs. Embedded forms keep visitors on your site, while allowing you to retain control over the user experience.

You can also use integrated subscription forms across multiple websites. With URL redirection, your visitors won’t know they’ve ever left your site.

Synchronize your subscribers

Keep your lists updated from the source with subscriber sync, which allows you to bring in lists from any external MySQL, MSSQL, or PostgreSQL database. Synchronization can be set to run as often as you’d like, even daily or hourly.

emarketing-integrationYou can also give new subscribers access to all your past mailings, including newsletters and company information, with a public message archive feature.

Our system provides further subscriber flexibility with a powerful API that supports a number of formats, including XML, JSON, and serialized. The API can be used to add or manage subscribers and users, create and organize lists, and more.

Social media sharing

Enable your subscribers to spread the word about you with social sharing options. When you include a web version link in your email marketing campaigns, subscribers will see a small bar embedded in the email with buttons for sharing on the social media sites you select.

You can personalize this feature by adding tags to your email campaigns, enabling subscribers to instantly share the web version with friends via Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Retain visitors longer with integration

A highly integrated email marketing system enhances the experience of your website visitors, keeping them on your site longer and capturing more email addresses. Contact us at Informatix to find out more about how our integrated system helps maximise your marketing ROI.


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