Are Your Web Forms and Landing Pages Performing to Potential?

Landing pages and web forms often influence that critical first impression of your business website. Are you making the most of yours, or is a profitable opportunity slipping through your virtual fingers?

Maybe you’re running an email campaign that garners high click-throughs to your landing page, or bringing your iPad to shows and events and amassing completed web forms. It’s great to generate traffic—but if visitors aren’t taking the desired action when they fill out your form or arrive at your landing page, then you’re not making very effective use of these powerful marketing tools.

Why are landing pages important?

Your landing page is (or should be) unique and separate from the rest of your website. The best landing pages are customized sales pitches, targeted to a particular type of customer with a specific goal in mind—such as getting them to sign up for a newsletter or service, take advantage of a special offer, or purchase a certain product.

Many businesses don’t create specific, targeted landing pages. Instead, they direct all of their traffic to the main website page, which usually doesn’t have enough impact. Effective landing pages can generate very high conversion rates.

Certain marketing methods are ideal for creating landing pages. Banner ads, pay-per-click campaigns, and sponsored links should all point to carefully crafted and targeted landing pages, rather than your site’s home page.

Forms and follow-ups

Web forms are generally used to collect data from customers and prospects. For example, you might be capturing email addresses for a newsletter or announcement list, running a survey, or soliciting feedback or testimonials for your business. However, many businesses neglect the essential follow-up actions that should take place once a form is filled out.

Having an auto responder for your form is a great tool for maximizing its potential. But the auto-follow-up should do more than just thank the customer for signing up. Seize the opportunity to explain more about your company’s benefits, or even offer bonuses or discounts to encourage the customer to return.

Helping you land your goals

If you’d like more information about landing pages and web forms, including assistance in setting up these powerful tools for your next marketing campaign, contact us to learn more today.

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