Has Technology Simplified Branding…or Complicated it?

Marketing in the world of web 2.0 is increasingly complex thanks to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google ads, and the scores of online advertising opportunities. Everyone from authors to computer technicians is pressured to diversify their brand and create a noticeable presence on a variety of web – and offline – marketing platforms.

But does the growing scope of advertising make developing a brand easier… or just more complicated?

Branding is More Than a Social Media Presence

Although social media venues make it easier to be seen and to spread the word about your products and services, real branding entails much more than slapping up a Twitter account or a Facebook profile. Branding encompasses everything from your design and logo to the core ethos that drives your business. A social media presence is a great way to showcase your mission and your offerings, but it isn’t enough to create a brand all on its own.

For many companies, social media creates the illusion of branding results without actually delivering the effects of that success. You might have 500 Twitter followers, but are they translating to sales? Do you know how many of your Facebook fans actually purchase your products? How much market research are you able to conduct through your social media accounts… or are they simply an ongoing drag on your resources that keeps you from pursuing other branding and business-building opportunities?

Building a Brand Today

If you’re committed to developing your brand, the most important step you can take is to seek the advice of a branding professional with cutting-edge expertise in online marketing. There’s no reason to blunder through branding alone when you can draw on the experience and knowledge of those who have traveled this road many times.

For more information about branding and web 2.0, contact us at Informatix for a consultation today.

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