Copy Writing Counts

You have a good grasp on the English language and you know your industry inside and out—so why would you hire a copywriter when you can write your own web materials, newsletters, and fliers yourself?

Initially, it might seem smart to save money by doing it yourself, but it’s not. Just as you’re the best at your business, a copywriter has specialised skills to write content for websites, blogs, newsletters, press releases, and other promotional materials. A skilled copywriter brings a number of skills to the table that you and your employees might not possess:

Marketing experience:

Copywriting is one part literary skill and one part marketing expertise. No matter how good your writing is, unless you’ve been crafting professional branding copy for businesses for the past several years, you’re not going to top the know-how and intuition of a professional copywriter.

Market knowledge:

A seasoned copywriter will have a good grasp of how the competition operates and how your business is positioned in the marketplace. He or she will also have a keen understanding of the way customers interpret business materials. Web readers absorb information differently than people looking at a magazine or reading a flier. Do you know how to target each of those readers with the appropriate hook and the most effective language?

SEO skills:

The Internet isn’t the only place where you might publish content, but it’s an important avenue for marketing and branding. Many of today’s copywriters are extremely knowledgeable about SEO or “search engine optimization” – an elusive combination of tricks and tools to help search engines send traffic to your web pages. Unless you have SEO experience yourself, you will always be better off hiring a web-savvy copywriter to assist you.

Social media know-how:

Creating an effective social media account for your business encompasses more than just slapping up a page and posting whatever occurs to you. Successfully utilizing social media for business requires an in-depth knowledge and finesse that many copywriters (but not all) are able to provide.

Whether you’re preparing to write a press release, create a survey, update your website, or launch a social media campaign, it’s never too early (or too late!) to consult with a professional copywriter. Contact us at Informatix to put your vision into words.


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