Coming in for a Landing

Does your landing page make an impact or does it fall flat? Does your website have a single home page that most visitors land on, or do you have customized landing pages suited to each of the unique audiences that might be interested in your business? If you haven’t spent much time thinking about landing pages, now’s the time.

Why Are Landing Pages Important?

Landing pages offer a targeted entry point to your website, crucial for marketing campaigns that focus on one aspect of your business.

The majority of companies that invest time and money into their advertising never create a landing page; they simply drive all traffic to the home page of their site. If you offer more than a single product or service, though, this can be a big mistake! A landing page provides a clear, simple connection between the advertising that attracted a prospective customer and the part of your site that is most relevant to their needs, based on the ad they clicked or the promotional piece they read. You may even need more than one landing page, depending on your marketing strategy and whether or not you’ll be promoting various aspects of your business with different ads.

Take, for instance, a company that sells iPhone apps. Imagine clicking on an ad about the latest GPS app, only to be taken to a home page listing all types of apps. Would you take the time to try to track down the app that was advertised? Probably not. Most consumers would just hit the “Back” button on their browser and never make a purchase.

Tracking Advertising Success

In addition to providing customers with the information they’re seeking—and improving sales and conversion figures—landing pages also provide a secondary benefit by tracking the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

If all of your newsletters, articles, quotes, or ads direct people to your home page, you’ll have no way of measuring traffic. But if each ad references a unique landing page, it will be easy to identify exactly how many people are finding you through each advertising venue, and to determine the accurate “return on investment” for your advertising dollars.

If your free Craigslist ad brings in 20 visitors daily, and half of them make purchases, then you might want to reconsider your expensive ad in an industry magazine that only delivers 15 visitors and 3 sales a week. Or, depending on the size of those sales, you might want to double your advertising budget! It all hinges on the information you’ll receive through unique landing pages for each advertising opportunity.

Landing pages are a simple yet very powerful way to drive incoming traffic to the parts of your site that visitors most want to see. They can increase your sales and improve your ability to track marketing efforts. What are you waiting for?

If you’re interested in more information about landing pages or in setting one (or more) up for your next marketing campaign, contact us at Informatix today to learn more.


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