Boost Sales with Dynamic Content

You’ve probably experienced it at least once in your online shopping history: You run across a business that catches your interest, but you’re not quite ready to buy what they’re selling, so you sign up for their mailing list—only to receive the same marketing message over and over again, until you unsubscribe in annoyance without buying anything.

If you’re not using dynamic content for your email marketing, this is how your prospects and customers might feel. What exactly is dynamic content, and how can it help increase your marketing ROI?

A dynamic definition

In a nutshell, dynamic content changes according to certain factors, serving as a more personalized approach to marketing. The goal of dynamic content is to provide your audience with relevant, timely messages that capture their attention and drive interest.

There are several ways to tailor your content into a more dynamic form:

  • Escalation. You probably already know that first-time subscribers should receive a different message than long-time subscribers—but how different are your subsequent mailings? Creating a separate welcome message and regular message isn’t enough. Each of your leads should receive a progressive series, with fresh content every time.
  • Relevance. Are you sending the same marketing messages to corporate offices, production plants, and healthcare facilities? If your business caters to several different industries, your marketing should change to target each industry’s challenges, and how you can help them. Are you dealing with dozens of industry types? Choose your strongest customers and make their emails more specific, and create general content for the rest.
  • Timeliness. Take advantage of seasonal changes and current events to create dynamic content that’s timely. For example, day spas can mention that gift certificates make great holiday purchases, or banks might remind customers that the winter months are the perfect time to start a vacation savings account.
  • Demographics. The more you know about your customers and prospects, the better you can tailor your marketing messages. Some of the target demographics can include age groups, occupations, geographic location, gender, and income ranges.

Getting results with dynamic content

Need a good reason to put time and effort into developing dynamic content? How about 18 of them? According to a study by Jupiter Research, relevant emails generate 18 times more revenue than broadcast or static emails. That’s a pretty impressive ROI.

Informatix makes it easy to combine sleek, attractive graphics with targeted content. Our emarketing system lets you display content based on demographics and other relevant information using one master template. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help multiply your sales revenue with the power of dynamic content.


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